Saturday, 15 April 2017

My Everyday Make Up Routine

So it's been a while since you've had any content on the beauty front from me but to be honest, I think its mainly because I have found something that works for me. Last year I did a big post on my skincare routine which you can read if you click HERE. If you've read that you will know that I went through a phase where I really suffered with my skin - like I never went to the doctors but it was pretty much acne. Since then my skin has improved so so much but there wasn't really any magic formula other than the fact that my skin for sure likes something simple. Overloading on products doesn't do my skin any good and it's still not perfect now but it's a hell of a lot better than what it used to be. Thank god, gone are the days where I felt like I had to wear a super heavy foundation such as Mac Studio Fix or Estee Lauder Double everyday just to mask my skin. Don't get me wrong, some days I go all out on full coverage but not because I'm insecure - just because I want to. I have the odd days where I get spots but usually that is down to drinking alcohol or if I've not ate healthy. Anyway, I'm rambling lets get down and dirty with what I throw on my face on a day to day basis...

I always start off my make up by applying MAC concealer under my brow bone (this isn't in the photo because it looks abit messy and I thought it would ruin my picture!) and then fill my brows in with Benefit Browzings. I used both parts of this product - I know some people either just use the powder or wax but I like to use both. I then smooth them over and set them in place with mac brow gel.

Now the fun part for me is eyeshadow! I always reach for one of my Charlotte Tilbury palettes depending on how I feel that day. You guys know my favourite is Dolce Vita but I also have Golden Goddess, Vintage Vamp & Muse Dreamy. I know these eyeshadows are expensive but to be honest on a day to day basis I don't have time to put together different looks and these just work so it's fuss free and I don't even need to think because the palette tells you where to put which eyeshadow i.e. crease, all over or to smoke etc so for me it's a no brainer. I also feel these red/bronze/golden toned eyeshadows suit me best. I wear Eyeshadow every single day and couldn't be without it and I always always apply a bronzey toned shadow to my lower lash line!

Other than Eyeshadow pretty much everything else stays the same. When it comes to Mascara I'm really not fussy although my one thing is that I don't want it to flake underneath as I find a lot of Mascaras do this. At the moment my go to is the Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Lashes but I'm willing to try whatever to be honest.

For base, my ultimate go to Foundation for the past year or so now has been the Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation. I did a full review on it HERE. This Foundation just works for me and my skin. It gives that glow, has great coverage but even lets your natural features shine through, like freckles etc. On weekends I sometimes mix it with Mac Studio Fix but only ever a minimal amount.

I then apply the same MAC concealer that I mentioned at the beginnnig under my eyes and around my brow arch.

Next up is another of my holy grail products - the Chanel Tan De Soleil Universal Bronzer. I legit would not be without this product! Sure, it's pretty pricey but I use it every single day and one tub lasts me around a year. It's fuss free, gives you that sunkissed look and is pretty much a subtle way of contouring.

After that, the other fun part is applying Highlighter aka my favourite product ever! I feel like Highlighter just brings your whole look together and makes it pop. I did a full post on my favourite Highlighters which you can view HERE but at the moment my go-to is the Sleek Palette. I use the powder product on my cheek bone and above my eyebrow arch and then the cream product on my cupids bow and end of my nose. Basically I like to look like a glazed donut. I'm all about that glow life!

Last thing is lip products - now I literally just use the Clarins Instant Lip Perfector pretty much everyday which I'm sure you've heard me bang on about enough in previous posts but they just come in the most lovely shades, aren't sticky, hydrate your lips and smell amazing. If I'm going on a night out I either reach for a NYX Lip Lingerie or Charlotte Tilbury in the Kim Kardashian West shade.

Now I know that sounds like a tonne of products but really these days I don't feel like I go overboard with products and I like to keep a simple routine where I only change up elements on weekends. I occasionally do winged liner but not so much these days - I went through a stage of wearing it everyday, what an effort!

This make up stays on well most of the day and I never touch it up unless I'm reapplying my lip balm - I couldn't be bothered with touching it up every single day. I don't use primer and I occasionally use setting spray but to be honest that's about it for me at the moment! I still love make up and I love to buy new products but I feel I've found what works for me!

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