Friday, 24 March 2017

Center Parcs - Sherwood Forest

So back in January my family and I went on a mini vacay to Center Parcs. We went the week after my birthday and to be honest I was so ready for it- after spending the whole of my birthday in bed and not really celebrating at all - I couldn't even face eating cake and that is not like me! I felt awful as well as my sister had made me the most beautiful unicorn cake! 

My family is so busy and although we're very closeknit, it's difficult for us all to get together sometimes - especially with one of my sisters living up in Newcastle. Not everyone could make it, but with us all having been totally rushed off our feet it was so lovely to get together for the week and just chill out and enjoy family time.

We booked an executive lodge and I was seriously impressed with the the decor, it was all very modern and open plan. We also got a sauna in our lodge which was a great bonus! However we didn't really make as much use of it as we could have done which I regret now looking back.

The week was spent starting with a lovely breakfast usually of a variety of pastries, fruit or pancakes! We then headed to the local Starbucks and just caught up over Coffee & Cake. I think this was actually my favourite part of the break. I bought my self a book and just locked my self away in Starbucks for hours at a time, knowing I didn't have to be anywhere was bliss. We took mountains of alcohol with us with the intention of getting drunk but that didn't really happen, we all had a rare Disaranno and coke as a night nap and was in bed fairly early. We even went old school and played board games most evenings-  a mixture of Monopoly, the logo game etc. Of course it was all fun and games until I lost at Monopoly! We also went out for a few lovely meals but also had themed nights cooking at the lodge. We made my step dad designated chef and enjoyed mexican and italian night! I definitely indulged on my week at Center Parcs and sipped on way too many cocktails but it was all worth it and so much fun.

I even invited my best friend over for the night and we went for a lovely spa evening as a belated birthday celebration. I have been to Center Parcs spa a few times now but it was even better this time round as they had renovated the whole place. After a few hours of chilling out Sophia and I got ready and went to an American Diner for Cocktails and some naughty food! I was kinda disapointed with the food and drinks here because they sold it as something amazing but the reality of it just didn't live up to anything spectacular.

We all hired bikes for the week but due to our Lodge being so central we didn't really make that much use of them and even when we did head out on the bikes, it was always shortlived because it was just so cold, even when wrapped up you would just be desperate to get back into the warmth again.

One of the morning we headed to the Pancake House which is an absolute must if you ever go to Center Parcs. It is situated right on the lake and was such a lovely view whilst enjoying your breakfast. I obviously opted for the cookie dough pancakes!

During the time away I even managed to get a run in and smashed my personal best. I didn't get as many photos as I would like to of but sometimes its just nice to put technology down and enjoy your surroundings rather than living behind a screen. I definitely felt refreshed after this little mini break away. It wasn't something I'd normally be down for as I normally love the hustle and bustle of city breaks but I really loved this little trip!

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