Wednesday, 22 March 2017

What To Expect From A Mud Run

So back in October I completed my first adventure/mud run - Survival of The Fittest by Rat Race. Now there are many varieties of this type of thing such as Tough Mudder, Total Warrior etc. I can only speak from experience but I have decided that this sport - if you could call it that? Is right up my street and something I love doing. As I mentioned in my Half Marathon Experience Post - I was running the half marathon to train for another event I'm doing in a few weeks time called Dirty Weekend. This event is 13 miles with over 150 obstacles in between! There is a 20 miler one but I don't think I'm quite geared up for that just yet.  Once I've completed this event (if I make it to the finish line!) I might think completely opposite but for now the thing I like most about the obstacle running is the training element, which leads me onto the whole point of this post with what to expect from a mud run and what's really involved. I still have a Go-Pro Vlog of the whole thing from Survival of The Fittest that I need to edit the footage of and upload at some point which I will be sure to throw on the blog when it's ready. Anyway without no further ado, here's what to expect at a mud run...

1. Train Hard - If this is new to you, you really don't know what you're letting yourself in for! For these type of events you need stamina, endurance and strength. Luckily for me I love my style of training- which I discussed in more detail in this post HERE. Essentially, you need to be running every week, I'd probably recommend at least twice a week but I'm a lazy runner and I only really go once a week. You need to be putting in the miles if you're going to drag yourself around a course and still have strength to do obstacles in between. Speaking of strength, you're going to need to do various styles of functional training and keep it varied, think Battleropes, Pull Ups (if you can do them - I definitely can't!), Burpees, Kettlebell Swings etc and a little weightlifting in there wouldn't hurt neither.

2. There Will Be Mud & Glitter - I know the idea of covering yourself in mud doesn't sound fun to some people but it's my kinda fun so that's okay! No seriously the warm up leading up to the event is so empowering and the atmosphere is great and everyone is excited to just get going. Why not make the excuse of getting yourself head to toe in mud by throwing a little Glitter on you.

3. Teamwork is Crucial - Getting yourself over them haybales ain't as easy as it looks, I can assure you! My recommendation if you're thinking of doing one of these events is definitely not to go it alone - sign up as a team and get through it together. It can be both psychically and mentally challenging and you and your pals will need to give each other a pep talk throughout and maybe a leg over when someone is struggling! The buzz and adrenaline will you get through it all and at the end you'll feel amazing...and knackered!!

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