Friday, 17 March 2017

Weightloss: Putting Myself Out There

So I don't really know what the end goal of this blog post is so I'm just going to ramble and hope somebody finds it useful. Since beginning my weightloss journey, I have put my self totally out there and open to criticism.I have shared my journey with others, something which is very personal to me. For all I know I could be the victim of group messages criticizing my appearance and I guess that's fine because I put my self out there publicly and I'm totally okay with that.

The reason I chose to be public about my weightloss/fitness journey is because 1. it motivates me and keeps me more accountable and 2. because I find content such as before and after's etc really helpful and motivating. Sure, it's scary putting yourself out there but I can honestly say it's been one of the best things I have done. The amount of messages  I receive asking for advice or just simply to tell me I have inspired there makes it all worthwhile. It's so great to be able to help someone and let them realize they are't alone. Weightloss and fitness has a whole industry built around it and the information we get thrown at us on a daily basis can sometimes be overwhelming to know if what you're doing is right. So many people struggle with weightloss and exercise, it's a common thing that I hear people discuss each day but still why is it so taboo to share our personal journey? I mean people seem to have no hesitation in sharing that they're catching up on an episode of corrie or that they're jetting off on holiday. Social media doesn't help as it is such a highlight reel and sometimes it's nice for content to be raw and real - people can get so absorbed the images in front of them but just remember it needs to be taken with a pinch of salt.

I would never perceive myself to be something I'm not and want people to be fully aware that health is not a quick fix, you can't do it over night, it's something that happens over time and with dedication. I'd like to think I'm living proof that everything in moderation is okay and you can make progress. If you want that pizza or that krispy kreme glazed donut, you go get one! My main motto is that I believe in 'cheat meals' but not cheat days. Well, as a rule of thumb anyway, as with everyone else I'm human and sometimes reach for that biscuit or chocolate bar. However if I know I'm having a naughty meal or treat during the day I will try to be as healthy as I can the rest of the day because bingeing isn't healthy or a good habit to take on. I just think it's important to know that the struggle is very much real when it comes to battling with yourself health-wise and some days you will fall off track but other days you'll be bursting with motivation - life is about balance and is there to be enjoyed, because surely that's what life is all about? Why work hard in the gym and not get that opportunity to have fun. I will admit some times I am stricter with myself if I am working towards a goal but other times I'll relax and do whatever I want. I train super hard so why on earth wouldn't I?

I don't really know where I'm going with this other than I am so so thankful for the thoughtful comments I have received and the amount of people who have reached out to me as a source of information or advice. I am still figuring this whole thing out for my self but I am always more than happy to help anyone in any way I can! Ignore the naysayers and trust the process, hard work does pay off I promise you!

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