Friday, 17 February 2017

My Gym Essentials

Gym Bag
So I know this is stating the obvious but I think if you're going to commit to the gym you need to invest in a good gym bag. I have two. I have an oversized Nike one that I only tend to take to events or if I am going to shower at the gym etc, simply because there is more room to fit stuff into (and I have a lot of stuff!). My everyday bag is a Michael Kors rucksack. I got this in New York last year and use it almost everyday, it's the perfect size to throw my kit into and I definitely get my money's worth.

How did I ever go to the gym without one! I never used to take a sweat towel to the gym which seems ridiculous now when I think about it, because you go to the gym to sweat so and nobody wants to look that person who is dripping in the stuff. The first time I met up with my personal trainer, one of the rules was always bring a sweat towel, so now I do every time!

Again, probably another one that seems obvious, but it is so important to stay hydrated throughout your workouts!

Pre workout
I highly recommend taking something half an hour or so before you work out to get a pick me up to fuel your sweat session. My go-to snack is a rice cake with some sort of nut butter. On days where I know I have a super tough work out ahead of me and I already know I'm not feeling it-  I like to take a pre workout. This is essentially just caffeine. I usually just take the one they sell at the gym but I have recently purchased B4 from USN in the Pink Lemonade flavour, which is amaze! I don't recommend relying on pre-workout every time but once in a while wont do any harm. It is worth pointing out though that some people's bodies don't react to caffeine well and you may experience some side effects such as heart palpitations and itchiness for a few minutes whilst it kicks in but then you go into beast mode! I can advocate that the B4 USN doesn't give me any horrid side effects at all, it just gives me the energy boost I need so I would recommend that one if any. However I'm not saying what works for me will definitely work for you. My best advice would be to use food as fuel where possible. A high carb snack such as a rice cake, apple or banana will also do the trick. It just depends how you're feeling on the day. Listen to your body!

Now I am always equipped with my gloves because I do a lot of weight lifting whether it be with a barbell, kettlebell or dumbbell. After time without gloves it can give you blisters on your hands, which is something I really don't want. I also find gloves give me better grip.

So obviously clothing is essential...but what I'm talking about is making sure you're wearing something appropriate for your workout. For example, I do a lot of squatting but also running etc. For me it is so important to get workout leggings that don't move whilst I do. I don't want to have to spend time pulling my trousers up every 2 minutes I just want to be able to get on with it. I also think for the ladies, investing in a good quality sports bra is so important, if you're blessed in that area- you don't want them to be getting in the way of your work out!

I hope you found this post useful!

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