Wednesday, 8 February 2017

How To Stay Motivated To Workout

So something that a lot of people say to me is 'I need your motivation!' or 'how do you stay motivated?'. Very good question! Now, motivation comes from within, you have to want something to make progress each day. However, a quote by Zig Ziglar always sticks in my head, which I think it very apt - 'people say motivation doesn't last, well neither does bathing so I recommend it daily'. I feel like this quote really sums it all up and you need to feed your brain with motivation each day.

So here a some of the ways I stay motivated:

1. Progress pictures - For me, these are absolute key! I struggle to see changes in my body as I see it everyday and in my head I'm still that girl who is 30lb heavier. There are so many ways to track your progress such as - trying old clothes on, taking pics each week in the same outfit, taking measurements (something I regret not doing) and weighing yourself - which by the way you should take with a pinch of salt and the only time I recommend you to weigh your self is as soon as your wake up, before you've ate and after you've been to the toilet. Just to prove how much weight can fluctuate - I weighed my self before and after eating a big bowl of porridge and a green tea and there was 5lb difference on scale- crazy! 

2. Follow like-minded people on social media- There are numerous accounts I follow to keep me motivated - some influencers such as Zanna Van Dijk & Lauren's Fitness. Others I follow are people just like my self who are also on a fitness/weightloss journey. I always make sure to keep up to date with YouTube videos each day and always like to scroll Instagram first thing in the morning as this helps to set my tone for the day. 

3. Educate yourself - I've always been like a sponge and enjoy finding out information, so recently I have been listening to Podcasts each day. I would highly recommend Ben Coomber. He has a wide range of podcasts where he covers different topics. He interviews variety of athletes and influencers in the industry. I think these podcasts to be super informative and much more productive way to spend my time instead of listening to music on my walk to work etc. 

4. Planning ahead - I have personal training sessions twice a week planned in so I simply cannot skip these, particularly when I pay for them. I also find paying for my PT sessions helps me to keep on track better with diet as I think I've paid all this money and worked really hard in this session, why would I want to throw it all away?! Same goes for booking classes at the gym. Tell your friend you'll be there and then you have no excuse not to turn up! 

What helps you to stay motivated?

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