Thursday, 23 February 2017

My Fitness Routine

So my fitness routine is soooo varied! Like honestly I wouldn't put my self in any one specific category. I'm not just a runner and I don't only lift weights - why limit and label yourself when there are so many different forms of exercise out there to enjoy?! Now obviously I'm not jack of all trades and I do have my go-to routines but I like to be flexible and am always willing to try new things. Not everything I try is for me, but who cares I'm happy to give it a go!

At the moment I'm training for a couple of events, the biggest one being Rat Race Dirty Weekend which is a 13 mile muddy run with over 150 obstacles in between! There is a 20 miler one but I don't think I'm quite cut out for that just yet! This event is in May so I do have some time yet but I'm trying to ensure my training is building my strength and endurance up for that. I'm pretty nervous about this event because it's pretty challenging but will be so much fun at the same time. Prior to Dirty Weekend I am participating in my first half marathon, which is in the middle of March. I wouldn't say my training is dedicated entirely to running - at the moment I have been going once every 2 weeks or so but make sure it is a long run when I do go. I will probably start to step that up a bit now as the event gets closer!

Everyone always asks me how often I train and well the answer is - as much or as little as I like to. Realistically I probably do train 6 days a week however note that some of these training days are not half as intense as the others. For example I will do personal training twice a week which is usually resistance style training and HIIT with intervals of weights circuits. I'm finding that is my favourite kind of training - along with weight lifting - I am really enjoying the process of learning to do different power lifts etc and each week my trainer shows me how  I can progress or increase the weights. These are my most challenging sessions by far. Which is good because it means I get my money's worth! The rest of the week I participate in classes - my go-to ones are Body Pump - (high rep low weight all body work out) and Functional Rig Class - a bootcamp circuit style class - think battle ropes, TRX, burpees, pull ups etc, it is brutal but such a good work out! Other days I like do to do HIIT cardio and on the very rare occasion I will do a really low intensity work out such as the treadmill on an incline or cross trainer at a steady pace just to get some cardio in but this is more of an easier session that I take or leave as I please.

I go through phases of enjoying different things, some weeks I'll be all about the weights and other days I will just want to get outdoors and run (very rare that happens!!). Spinning is a class I have a love-hate relationship with and will go through phases of doing. I love doing boxing in my PT sessions when I get chance.  I've recently tried Pilates, and whilst I can appreciate it - it's definitely not for me, I can't sit still and prefer doing more explosive workouts so it just didn't do it for me but I'm happy I gave it a go!

Don't limit yourself to one form of exercise, it's out there to be enjoyed and varied!

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