Tuesday, 29 March 2016

My Hair Care Routine

Well I never thought I'd say this but yes I do now have an actual hair care routine and one that I actually stick to! Now, if you don't follow me on social media you won't be aware of the various drastic changes I have made to my hair over the past few months, simply because  I didn't document it, so I will give you a bit of a background info. So, as you know I was Ombre for well over a year and for Halloween I thought I would switch things up a bit and go for a Violet Ombre, which looked pretty cool and I got a fair few compliments however when it came to trying to wash it out and make it fade, the colour just wouldn't budge  -which is strange because when I have previously used Bleach London or Directions the Colour has no longevity whatsoever, typical! So now imagine having hair that is a wish wash or blonde and lilac, not ideal, so I ended up dyeing my hair all brown, which I have to say I wasn't a fan of at all, I just didn't feel like me. Give or take a month of being Brunette and I decided to go back Blonde but this time using highlights to give more of a natural finish with different tones throughout.
Anyway, I went off on a bit of a tangent there but as you now know a bit of history I am now back blonde but having put my hair through so much stress I seriously need to take care of it now! My routine still isn't perfect and  I should probably use a few more products to care for it and maintain the colour, but for the time being this is what I do...
  • Two times a week I treat my hair to the Joico K-Pak Intense Hydrator Treatment, as recommended by my hairdresser. It is a fairly pricey product but I feel it's worth it as it restores moisture and keeps the hair hydrated. I usually leave this on for 5-10 mins and sometimes use it in place of Conditioner
  • Two times a week (at different intervals to using the K Pak) I slap on some Touch of Silver purple Shampoo. This keeps out any brassy tones and maintains the blonde. 
  • Every time I wash my hair, before I dry my hair I used the Fudge Hot Hed Whipped Voilet Moisture Creme. This is a heat protector specifically for Blondes, it contains Voilet infusions to keep the brassy tones out of the hair and it is great because it continues to work as the day goes on.

  • Not necessarily part of maintaining the health of my hair but I thought it would be worth mentioning that I recently purchased some GHD Classic Curlers which I would 100% recommend, they're amaze! 

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