Wednesday, 9 March 2016

A New Found Love For Winged Eyeliner

So over the last few months I have developed a new found love for Winged Eyeliner. Winged Liner has always been a make up technique that has scared the life out of me, I've always just the mindset that my hand isn't steady enough and I'll never be able to master the skill. Now, I'm definitely not professing that I am now the queen of Winged Liner but it's something I have been trying out and practicing over the last few months.

 My first experience with it came about when I discovered a fool-proof trick online using tape to do both Winged Liner & Smokey Eyes. This made me think wow, maybe a clumsy idiot like me could attempt it! I had a go and after several attempts and smudging etc I managed to get a fairly decent flick.

I used the tape technique for a fair amount of time but whilst in New York, I made it my mission to get my self a Winged Liner Brush. I actually picked one up in Sephora, which has proved the perfect tool for me so far. I no longer have to use reels and reels of tape but instead have *almost* mastered the technique.

Don't get me wrong I have my fair share of smudges, re-applications and all sorts but it is something I  am trying to improve on and something I find really 'neatens' up my make up look if that makes sense. I feel like it really brings together an eyeshadow look.

Does anyone else find that when you're not going anywhere you're Eyeliner looks on fleek first time but when you're in a rush or going somewhere special it takes about 1000 attempts!

I have been using the Maybelline Master Ink Liquid Eyeliner which I have found to be brilliant, it dries almost instantly so there's no faffing around waiting for it to dry to apply the rest of your eye make up.I would definitely recommend it. Plus it stays put all day!

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