Saturday, 12 March 2016

The Row NYC Hotel & Cyc Fitness

Whilst in New York we got up to so many different things, so rather than doing my usual Travel Diary I thought I would break up the trip into segments as there are just so many different things to talk about and also  I want the info to be as useful as possible to you guys!

So when we went to New York we stayed in The Row NYC Hotel which is located probably a 4 minute walk from central Times Square, probably even less than that. I would 100% recommend this hotel, it has such a cool modern vibe to it and is in a really great location. You're basically in the middle of Hells Kitchen and right by Broadway and Times Square.

The hotel had had free wifi, Apple Macs to print off your boarding passes and attraction tickets etc. They also had a photo booth which my sister & I never really quite figured out but what we did notice is that our pictures appeared in the main reception which was kinda embarrassing, it was good fun though!
The Row also had a fitness partnership facility right next door called Cyc Fitness which holds the most amazing Spinning classes! Literally, their spinning classes are on another level across the pond, like you feel as though you're in a night club. The staff are so kind though and so full of energy! If you're wanting to keep the fitness thing going whilst you're in New York you should totally go there, you genuinely feel so psyched after the class and ready to get moving for the day ahead, it really is fantastic. There is also a Soul Cycle Fitness Centre right by Bryant Park which isn't too far away from the hotel neither.
Row NYC also has it's own in house Hair Salon where you can go for a quick blow dry or hair cut to freshen up. I never used the Salon personally but thought it was such a great idea.
Located in the hotel also is a restaurant, which again I never used as we just kinda opted for places in the city for food and mainly had a big breakfast so didn't really have many evening meals as such. However, also in the hotel is this really cool place called City Kitchen which has all sorts of pop up street foods such as Tachos, Burritos, Sushi, Doughnuts (The salted caramel ones are amazing!) and they also had this amazing Green Lemonade drink, which was basically Fresh Lemonade infused with Mint and I was literally obsessed with the stuff. I think I grabbed one pretty much every night when we headed back to the hotel.

It might also be worth knowing that there is a Shake Shack right across the road, which unfortunately was closed for refurbishment the whole time we were there. There's obviously your local Duane Read right close by and you're also right near Carlos Bakery (the famous Bakery off the TV Show Cake Boss). Now this was on my list of places to go whilst in New York but every time we attempted to go and grab some baked goods it was just so busy and we didn't want to wait so we never got the joy of trying Carlo's Bakery Cupcakes neither, boo! You're also within walking distance of the  New York Times Head Office which is a pretty impressive building.
Our room in the hotel was great as well, we had a great view of the city and to say it was New York, the room wasn't too small and it was super modern. I mean it was fairly basic but it did the job and the shower was super powerful. It was actually quite funny because the hotel has this modern/quirky vibe about it and some of the rooms had different themed doors and we were staying in the 'Meat Market' room (as in the New York Meat Packing District) and obviously I'm a Vegetarian so my sister and I had a laugh about that, typical ey!

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  1. Great pictures! I can't believe Row was just a few minutes from Times Square! Sounds amazing x


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