Thursday, 30 July 2015

Throwback Thursday: Make Up

Morning my lovelies!

So in true honour of #ThrowbackThursday I thought I would have a trip down memory lane and reminisce on some of the products that claimed full 'holy grail' status back in the day. Now I'm sure we've all had our fair share of mishap moments when it comes to beauty. It's funny really because I remember once upon a time I would shiver at the thought of wearing make up. My sister was always really into beauty and used to beg me to let her do my make up for me and I used to run to the hills! However, I remember it like it was yesterday when my mum first bought me a Miss Sporty Lip Balm and Mascara to take with for for a weekend away with my friends; part of me was super excited and the other part of me thought what the hell do I do with this?! I remember applying the Lip Balm & Mascara feeling very aware that I was wearing make up, even though in reality it was only very minimal. Who'd have thought a few years down the line  I would be here writing a blog that is predominantly based around make up?! It's funny how life works out isn't it.

So when I decided to write this post I seriously had to rack my brains to think of the 'stand out' products which hopefully you will all remember and relate to. So let's start off with some of the classics - Barry M & Gosh Dazzle Dust Eyeshadows. My god, who else remembers these? I swear my sister had purchased the whole collection. Those messy bright coloured pots of Eyeshadow Dust were pretty much the equivalent to MAC Vanilla Pigment back in the day, except for the contrast in colour! Whilst we're on the subject of Barry M, back in the day I would religiously collect the pinkest Lipsticks from the brand as possible. The colour pay off was terrible and you pretty much had to drag the bullet across your lips a millino times to get any sort of stain of your lip. I mean, I'm pretty sure Barry M have improved their formula now but having now been exposed to the likes of  MAC Lipsticks, I will never look back!

Who remembers the Loreal Roll On Foundation?! Like literally what the hell was that?! You genuinely got a roller to dip into a cream Foundation to paint onto your face. I have to admit, back then I was pretty impressed with the Foundation itself, it had great coverage but perhaps too much of a full coverage to what I actually needed.

Now let's get onto the luxury brands. My very first luxury brand discovery was the Benefit Box'O Powder which has sadly now been discontinued. I'm pretty gutted about it as well. It basically came in the standard Benefit Blusher/Bronzer Packaging and inside there was half Bronzer & half Highlighter. This was well before the likes of Contouring & Strobing were around but pretty much married up with the concept of Contouring thinking about it. It was almost a young 'Bronze & Glow' - just not as pigmented!

It wasn't until just before turning 16 that I realized the importance of eyebrows. To be fair I actually think I picked up the whole eyebrow thing before it was a 'necessity' however my application techniques weren't exactly brilliant. Let's be honest we've all had our fair share of brow disasters. It's only the past year or so that I feel I have perfected the perfect eyebrow look for me. It's funny really because the product that introduced me to the world of Brows was Benefit Browzings - a Powder & Wax duo, a product which is still very much a make up staple for me along with Gimme Brow, of course.

Now I'm sure everyone remembers their first trip to MAC. I do. I went on my 17th birthday with my best friend Emma to Debenhams in Meadowhall. Again, it's strange because the make up artist applied MAC Russian Red on me, which I ended up purchasing and since then I have yet to find a Red Liptick I love more than Russian Red! On the day I also purchased MAC Fluidline in Black & another in Brown. One intended for Eyeliner and the Brown one intended for Brows - this was a huge mistake for me and never again will I purchase a 'Pomade' for my brows. Although a lot of people use these formulas on their eyebrows and they look fantastic - for me it was just too intense. However, whilst writing this post I have reminded myself just how brilliant the Fluidline was an Eyeliner! I know what my next MAC purchase will be!

*image courtesy of DJ Imagery*

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  1. Definitely remember my first trip to Mac! It was after my 16th birthday and I nearly cried at the prices because all I could afford was one of their cheaper Lipglasses haha x


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