Thursday, 23 July 2015

5 Healthy-ish Recipes You Seriously Need To Try

Morning guys,

So these past few months or so I have been trying out some new healthy (ish) recipes and here are the ones that I reckon are worth giving a go!

I always find Deliciously Ella's recipes to be simple, tasty and of course nutritious. A while back I whipped up a batch of Sweet Potato Brownies and was seriously impressed. I know what you're thinking - Sweet Potato's and Brownies?! Seriously though, the combo work a dream. If you're looking to cut back on indulgent desserts without compromising on satisfying your sweet tooth - this is the go to snack. Plus you can eat these on the go!

As someone who tries to avoid dairy where possible, the past year or so I have been exploring numerous alternatives. My favourite so far being Almond Milk. However it wasn't until recently I discovered that a lot of the Almond Milks available in the supermarket actually contain very little Almonds, which quite surprised me. As much as I love the likes of Alpro & Rude Health, it did spark my curiosity as to how difficult it would be to make my own Almond Milk. Again Deliciously Ella offers a great recipe that is simple to follow. Although you have to put a little bit more work into it, it is actually more satisfying knowing that you have made the Milk yourself and that you know exactly what has gone into your drink - which was the main thing for me. Since whipping up batches of my Homemade Almond Milk I've never looked back! I pretty much make my own all the time now and feel much better for it. On the odd occasion though, when I'm in a rush I will still always revert back to shop bought alternatives purely for convenience.

I'm always trying to improve my water intake and at times it can get a little monotonous drinking the same old same old, so recently I've been whipping up Detox Water. Detox Water is basically fruit/veggie/herb infused water. There are many varieties and the world is your oyster really. However my go-to combination is Lemon, Mint & Cucumber. I actually discovered this on a recent trip to Whole Foods and London. A lot of people refer to this as 'Spa Water'. It is a fun way to increase your water intake, mix things up and also get in some extra nutrients.

It's no secret that Pizza is my favourite food - I would literally eat it for every meal if I could! However we all know it's not the healthiest of foods. In search of a healthier alternative I came across a recipe from Nutrition Stripped (a fantastic & resourceful blog) for a Cauliflower Pizza Crust. Now, I will be straight up, it's not your traditional Pizza, in that it doesn't have the same texture. However it is just as satisfying and pretty much guilt free!

Last but certainly not least is the Chocolate Peanut Butter Avocado Pudding from Minimalist Baker. If you're a fan of Chocolate & Peanut Butter then you'll love this healthy alternative to your traditional Chocolate Pudding. Don't let the Avocado put you off, it just creates a dreamy texture, you can't even taste it or see it!

What are your favorite healthy recipes?

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  1. Definitely taking a look at the brownies for sure!!


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