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Motivational Monday - Feed The World

Motivational Monday

Good morning everyone & welcome to Blogmas Day 8!!Today I want to talk about something I think is very important this time of year!

Christmas is a time where the world is full of joy and everyone is happy. Parents eagerly wait seeing the look on their child's face on Christmas morning when they tear open their Christmas presents with a beaming smile on their face and also feel relieved that the stress of getting everything organised, was in fact worth it. Essentially this time of the year brings loved ones together, where they rejoyce in favour of the festive season. Yummy food is consumed, gifts are exchanged, episodes of shoddy Soap Christmas specials are aired, you know the drill.

Christmas makes me feel grateful. Grateful for the fact that so many people care about me, the fact that I get a couple of weeks off work over Christmas is fantastic. I feel grateful that so many people give up their hard earned money just to buy me and their other loved ones a gift, how amazing is that?

Another way in which Christmas feels grateful, is when I see 'how the other half live'. By that I don't mean that I am super rich and have money coming out my eyeballs, I don't - I'm just an average person who is lucky to be surrounded by family and have a roof over my head. I am talking about those who are maybe a little or maybe even significantly less fortunate than the average person. Every single year the Band Aid song has me feeling emotional, the lyrics are so powerful and they really make me feel a bit taken back by it all if I'm honest. In previous years the Band Aid songs have touched on those in Africa who have nothing, all they have to be joyful about is the fact that they're alive. This makes me really sad. I mean, I'm obviously happy that I'm alive, however this is not the only reason I have to be happy, I could make a list as long as my arm of what makes me happy. In this year's Band Aid, it's all about the horrific disease Ebola and raising awareness and money towards fighting the illness of which there is currently an outbreak. You can donate by buying the song here.

As a child and teenager, one campaign my school always tapped into was the shoebox appeal and every single year I got involved. Basically the idea is that you fill a shoebox for either a girl or a boy full of little gifts. These shoeboxes are then shipped to areas of the world where children are less fortunate and are given to them as a Christmas present. The prospect of making someone else happy who would otherwise have received nothing, is enough for me to know I will continue to involve my self in this campaign for years to come.

A few weeks or so ago my sister introduced me to campaign called 'Mission Christmas' by Hallam FM Cash For Kids. Similiarly to the Shoe Box Appeal, it's all about making a brighter Christmas for children who are living in poverty and less fortunate than ourselves. Read all about it here. You can donate something for as little as £5 such as a Teddy Bear or you could donate a bike, a game or even a cash donation.

One last other thing that I have made into a little bit of tradition for my self is - on Christmas Eve I like to visit my local Dog Sanctuary and give all the dogs some Christmas treats, food, blankets and most importantly some love and attention. Far too many dogs are just left neglected due to family fall outs particularly at this time of the year and it literally breaks my heart. I love nothing more than to visit all the dogs and give them all equal attention to make them feel loved.

This post isn't sponsored or anything and I'm not telling you to donate to all of this charities, if not any if you don't want to. I just wanted to make you all aware of some campaigns and ideas that I think are worthwhile. I can't afford to throw loads of money at charities but I do like to spare just a bit of cash to give something back to those less fortunate. I hate the thought of a person, whether adult or child waking up to a gloomy Christmas morning. Christmas is supposed to be magical and make everybody happy - how great of a feeling would it be knowing that you made someones Christmas amazing, just by a small kind gesture.

 On another note - I think we should all take a moment to think of those who don't get to spend Christmas with their family such as people in the forces, care workers and nurses. I am so grateful to these people who are out there fighting to make our country a safer place to live and to those who are caring for people who can't care for themselves.

Just remember, you may be only one person but if one person did just one thing to make someone else life happier or more comfortable, it can make the world of difference.

Christmas is the season for giving after all!

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