Wednesday, 10 December 2014

A Trip To Lincoln Christmas Market

Hey guys and welcome to Blogmas Day 10!

So at the weekend Kyle & I took a little trip to Lincoln for the much anticipated Christmas Market. I've never actually been to a Christmas Market before, well until now obviously which is kinda crazy for someone like me who is obsessed with Christmas.

We set off around lunch time and honestly the traffic was just horrific! By the time we had finally gotten into the car park I had almost lost the will to live, however I was still determined to get my self to the Christmas Market . So off we went! We troopered our way up the high street. It was SO cold on Saturday, we were both super wrapped up in our big winter coats - Kyle in his beanie hat and me in my over-sized Russian hat, we might have looked like a pair of Muppets but at least we were warm!!

Once we got to the top of the high street (Lincoln is one big hill in case you didn't know) we saw a sign saying 'Terrys Chocolate Orange and Nutella Hot Chocolate this way!' pffft need they say anymore? We marched straight to Eskimoos and grabbed a winter warming Hot Chocolate, mmm I had the Orange one and it tasted amazing. How cute are the Eskimoos take out cups by the way? I didn't want to throw mine away :(.

So after a walk up the worlds steepest hill we finally made it to the Christmas Market. It was absolutely heaving, it seems everyone else had the same idea - to get into the festive spirit! Festive it was indeed. It was very busy, maybe a little too busy for my liking but the Christmas songs were blasting out and everyone was clutching a warm hot drink and wrapped up warm. We meandered our way through the market and checked out all the little quirky stores. There were some lovely unique little pop up shops, it was nice to see something a bit different. Both Kyle and I forget to get some cash out though so we couldn't actually buy anything but it was still lots of fun! All the shops were little shed/log cabin style huts covered in Tinsel and Twinkly lights - it was so cute and I had such a good day. Next year I think I'm heading to the Leeds Christmas Market as I've heard great things about it!

Have you been to a Christmas Market this year?

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