Thursday, 13 November 2014

The Airport Look - Skincare,Outfit & Make Up

Good morning guys! So first things first, it's been 3 weeks since I've posted which is crazy, I just can't believe how quickly time flies so apologies for that. However I have been very busy just lately and really have not had time to post but I can assure you guys there is plenty in the pipeline coming your way very soon :)

Today I thought I would share with you my 'Airport Look' - which is by no means glamorous but it certainly does the job. Airports are a strange place, they run 24 hours a day and everyone is on a different time schedule and either jet lagged or super excited for their holiday. Waiting around in an Airport hours before your flight *can* be tedious - that is of course, unless you get distracted by the wonders that is duty free (I did, ooops!). So basically when it comes to dressing for the airport, the first word that springs to mind is comfort. If I'm waiting around for hours and then flying for god knows how long I want to be comfortable and I think that goes for pretty much everyone when they're travelling.

So first of all lets talk Skincare. On days where I'm travelling a lot I always make a conscious effort to really look after my skin that day, as surely pollution and transport can't do anything good for your skin. So before jetting off to Italy for the week, I decided to go for a kick ass Clarins Skincare Routine that went a little bit like this...

1. Cleanse. I had already cleansed the night before but decided to do it again in the morning as sometimes I feel as though Pillows hold bacteria that isn't good for your skin, so I went ahead and cleansed.

2. Exfoliate. On this particular day my skin was ready for some exfoliation, I went for the Clarins Gentle Refiner. I usually Exfoliate around 2-3 times a week to get rid of dead skin cells etc and make my face feel super smooth.

2. Tone - Standard procedure after Cleansing apart from on days where I need to Exfoliate (a bit like today)...

3. A Wake Up Booster. On days where I need my face to feel nourished and super healthy, this is a product I reach for - The Daily Energizer Wake Up Booster. This has a similar consistency to a Toner but maybe a tad thicker. All you need to do is distribute this on your face before the moisturizing step to perk your skin up just that little bit.

4. Moisturize. My go-to product just recently has been the Daily Energizer Cream, this product sits very well underneath make up and definitely does the job. My only issue with it is that it really doesn't last very long and for the price of it that's a tad disappointing. However later in the day at Duty Free I was informed they do a travel version which is in a Tube and you get more product, so maybe that's a future purchase on the cards...

5. The Beauty Flash Balm - So this a serum that you need to apply just before you do your make up, again I don't always use this, only on days where I want my make up to go that extra mile or I want my skin to look just that little bit more radiant. I swear by the product, it really does wake your face up and make it look more glowy.

Make Up
So for the Airport I like to keep things simple and seriously I mean, simple. On this occasion I reached for my YSL Rose Gold Primer & my YSL Touche Eclat Foundation and mixed the two together. For me, when travelling it's all about simple dewy make up that keeps your face looking hydrated and glowing. These two products combined seriously create that 'my skin but better' look and aren't heavy and cakey on the face.

Next up is the brows, I opted for my standard Gimme Brow to tint my eyebrows and set them in place for the day. for the lashes I reach for my Soap & Glory Thick & Fast Mascara. This Mascara really does work wonders for my lashes and the best thing about it is - it's only a tenner and it literally lasts forever! For the lips I went for a nude Benefit gloss, I don't think this gloss is even available anymore, I got it a few years ago in a gift set but it's really pretty on the lips and is very subtle so I like it.

You all know that clothes isn't really my fort but hey-ho I thought I'd show you what I wore anyway. I went for a Topshop Checked Shirt with a Berry coloured Zara Sweater over the top and just plain black leggings underneath. Shoes wise I just popped some black pumps on for comfort and then an over sized black Coat over the top. It was very chilly!

What's your favourite Airport Look?

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