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The Winter Beauty Wish List

My Beauty Christmas List

Viktor Rolf eau de perfume / Ole Henriksen face cleanser, $39 / Laura Mercier body cleanser / Christian Louboutin nail polish / Bobbi Brown Cosmetics matte eye shadow, $77 / Bobbi brown cosmetic

Morning guys so it's still only November but for the most part - a lot of us have already started, if not finished your Christmas shopping by now. I will be the first to raise my hand and say that I have not even in fact started my Christmas shopping yet. I just haven't had time, this past two months has been such a busy one, I really don't know where the days have gone! Rest assured though guys,  I will be starting my gift shopping probably sometime next week. I have made a list though, I know what I'm getting everyone, for me it's just a case of finding the time to dedicate a full weekend to shopping and of course choosing my gift wrapping colour scheme for the year - the most important part, obvs...

I have also had time to peruse the Selfridges website and have a good old browse around the likes of House of Fraser and Sephora to get a little idea of what I am hoping to receive in my stocking this year. Every year people are like 'what do you want for Christmas this year' and the majority of the time, my response goes something like 'I don't know get me whatever'. Generally I think I'm pretty easy to buy for, anything make up, skincare, perfume and I'm a happy bunny.

So in true WLDN style, here for you all is my Beauty Wish List. This one goes out to the people who have no idea what they want for Christmas and need to get together some ideas  and also a sneaky little hint to those who are one the hunt for a Christmas/Birthday gift for yours truly and haven't a clue where to start ;). Essentially, along with being my own personal wish list, at a wild guess I believe quite a few of these products are on the wish list of Beauty fanatics all over the UK so also think of this as a gift guide for the beauty blogger/make up addict.

Without further a due, lets have a little chat about the products in the collage above, shall we?

First up is the Tom Ford Contour palette. Yes I know what you're thinking, you read the words Tom Ford and your ears pricked up and dollar signs appeared in your eyes. So as a general rule, yes Tom Ford is a little on the expensive side and a bit of a luxury product. However I believe once in a while adding something a little more luxurious to your make up collection is very rewarding. On days where you want to look your best, you want to reach for a product that's just that little bit more special. On a similar note, the Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow palette is also a very similar palette to this Tom Ford one and would also make an equally amazing gift for someone.

So next on the list is the Bobbi Brown Powder Brush. It's fair to say, again this product is a little on steep end of the spectrum price wise but if you can't treat yourself or others at Christmas, when can you? As many of the famous Make Up Artists out there will tell you, investing in good make up brushes is a biggie. If you're buying expensive products you want a good tool to distribute the product, right? So I don't actually own any Bobbi Brown Brushes at present but I've heard they're pretty damn good. Although this Brush is listed as a Powder Brush, I reckon it could also be doubled up as a Contour Brush. If this Brush is a bit out of your price range, I would 100% recommend the Real Techniques Brushes by Pixiwoo. They're a lot more affordable and are really amazing at doing their job.

Ahhh Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb - This is one of them Perfumes I can smell a mile off but have never actually owned my self. Flowerbomb is one of them delicate, lovely feminine fragrances that I think every girl should own. Ever since my friend April got this for Christmas years ago I've been obsessed with the perfume but as I've mentioned before I can never actually justify buying perfumes my self as they're pretty expensive. In the fragrance department, I usually wait until my Birthday/Christmas. Along with YSL Black Opium, perfume wise these two are one the top of my wish list. Flowerbomb is perfect for day time whereas YSL Black Opium is more of an evening scent.

So I've spoken about the Christian Louboutin Nail Lacquers before here but have still not got round to purchasing one for my self and if my estimations deem me correctly I would say a lot of girls are hoping to receive one of these for Christmas. If luxury brands don't interest you, I would say Barry M is your best bet - it pretty much does the job for me and I'm a big fan of the brand. However as somebody who doesn't own anything Louboutin and loves anything Beauty - having the Christian Louboutin Nail Lacquer would be a dream. Again this product is pretty luxurious and expensive but if want to put a smile on someones face, this product will most certainly do just that.

Next on the list is the Laura Mercier Creme Brulee Honey Bath. Mmm this product sounds and looks good enough to eat! I've never owned anything Laura Mercier myself but from what I can gather from a lot of bigger bloggers and Youtubers, it seems to be a firm favourite when it comes to bath time. So if you know anybody who is willing to spend hours in the bath indulging in their favourite book and sipping on a glass of wine - this bath creme would be absolutely ideal. I imagine the scent of this would fill the room with Caramel & Vanilla loveliness and would be a dream bath product for any girl.

So it seems another Bobbi Brown product has made it way onto my list this month. Yep you guessed it, it's the Smokey Nudes Eyeshadow Palette. If you've heard of the Urban Decay Naked Palette ranges and know someone who is a big fan of them, then this is the perfect gift. The Palette contains a range of sandy/golden shades with a mixture of matte & shimmery finishes. I imagine this to look stunning on the eyes!

Last but certainly not least is the Ole Henriksen Pure Truth Melting Cleanser. So I've never bought anything from this brand but came across it when I was browsing on Selfridges and it immediately grabbed my attention. As a recent convert to skincare, this product was screaming buy me, buy me! My sister is a big fan of the Melting Cleanser Gels and they seem to work your skin a real treat and is definitely a product I would love to get a hold of my self. So if you know someone who is obsessed with Skincare products and has a stash that could rival the aisle of Superdrug then this is the perfect gift.

What is on your Christmas List this year?

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