Thursday, 9 October 2014

My Winter Red & Berry Lips...

Hey my lovelies. Today let's talk bold and berry lips. Every beauty fanatic will know that a bold lipstick in the winter months is a must have. I mean, for me when I'm sporting a berry lip I'm sort of celebrating the fact that my skin is pale and well, it ain't getting any warmer so a tan is out of the question. Wearing a berry lip compliments my pale complexion and warms my up my face just that little touch. You guys know I'm not fond of the old pink/peachy tones, I mean every year I practically count down the days until it's acceptable to don a bold lip casually rather than for just a going out look.

In the picture above I have included some of my very favorite trusty/does the job products. So, in true DJ caspa form we will start to the left and go to the right. First up is, the MAC Maleficent Lipstick in shade 'True Loves Kiss'. I haven't actually had the chance to wear this in the winter yet as I only purchased it at the start of summer, however I just know I'm going to get a whole lot of use out of it. Colour wise, this shade is very similar to my beloved Russian Red (also see above 2nd to the right) however it has much more of a sheeny finish. The staying power isn't as strong as Russian Red but for a glossier finish and a light texture this is my go-to bold lip.

Next up is the most purpley shade of the lot. This is my YSL Rouge Pur Couture Lipstick in shade 39 - Pourpre Divin. I am in love with this colour and often reach for this on a special occasion/night out. Mind the packaging - it's slightly battered on the outside but I still have plenty of quality product on the inside. This was the first ever YSL Lipstick I've ever purchased and I've got to say - I'm seriously impressed. The colour packs a lot of punch and I feel this shade is just a true 'YSL shade' if you get me? This shade in particular is pretty easy to distinguish I mean, if I saw someone wearing this shade I would be able to instantly say that's the YSL Rouge Pur Couture Lipstick in shade 39 with a smug look on my face - of course. I would say texture wise, this Lipstick has a similar finish to the Maleficent Lipstick but dare I say it - not quite as good staying power, which is a shame because it's the most expensive of the bunch. However, rest assured I know this YSL Product will be reached for way too many times this winter and one of them products I know I'll re-purchase again and again.

Does the MAC Russian Red Lipstick even need an introduction? I mean c'mon for any girl who loves a deep red Lipstick this is the go-to product. It is dare I say it, the perfect shade of red. The tone is a deep red with blue undertones and a perfect matte texture finish. This product lasts, I mean you don't need to worry about touch ups on this one, it's staying power is incredible. When I've worn this lipstick it has endured date night meals out and far too many drinks and still stays on. Although the product has a matte finish, it isn't drying at all and a little goes a long way.  I currently have 2 of these Lipsticks in my make up bag and they last forever, definitely a clever purchase if you dare to wear a dramatic bold lip.

Last up is a fairly new addition to my beauty bag and that is this lovely Berry Lipstick in shade vamp by Fuschia, an irish brand that I was recently introduced to. This shade is just what I was missing, it's a predominantly berry purple with a hint of pink added to the mix  and I'm looking forward to getting some wear out of it this fall.

What is your go to bold lip colour this fall?

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