Wednesday, 10 September 2014

The Wednesday Post - A Week In Photos #8

Morning my lovelies, so another week in the year has passed and my gosh it's gone so quick. In fact, this whole summer has flown by! I can't believe that on Sunday Kyle & my sister will be packing their bags and going back off to uni leaving me all on my lonesome, boo!

So aside from a somewhat traumatic migraine and a case of the hots on colds on Friday - the whole week/weekend has been pretty good. On Friday I finally got my hair done, something that was well over due. After much delibration I decided to go for the Awkward Peach toner so I am now a human resembling a little Peach, cute.

On Saturday, Kyle and I decided to take a trek to IKEA in Nottingham to have a look at some homeware for his uni house. I was quiet as a mouse all the way there as I was determined to finish my book - Before I Go To Sleep. We decided to stop off at Starbucks on the way for supplies as I had hardly aten anything the previous day due to feeling not so great. I opted for a Hot Chocolate and a Cheese and Marmite Sandwich whilst Kyle went for the Valencia Orange Refresha and a Chicken Wrap! It was all lovely and our tummy's were filled ready for a day of admiring home interior.

We didn't end up purchasing anything in IKEA, Next or BHS as I think we're making a whistle stop visit next Sunday. However on the way home we may have stopped off at Zizzi's for a little date night, ooops! It was all absolutely lovely - soon after arriving home I'm pretty sure I fell into a food coma.

Sunday morning was a work out morning - I got myself up and headed for the gym. After rustling up a Salad and Rice Pudding for lunch, Kyle, Christy, my Nanny and I all went off to my brothers house as him and his girlfriend have just bought the most gorgeous Cocker Spaniel puppy, he sooo cute. After a quick puppy cuddle and far too many belly rubs, Kyle & I hopped in the car and went to the cinema to see the newly released Before I Go To Sleep - hence why my eyes were glued to my book, I wanted to finish reading the book and then watch it at the cinema! The verdict? The film is good but the book is the winner in my opinion, the film was just too fast paced for my liking..

Monday soon whizzed around and this week is a week of intense gym sessions and upping my green smoothie game. So far, so good. Look out for next weeks feature of The Wednesday post, with a trip down to London for a day of shopping on the cards, I reckon it's gonna be a good un.

What have you been up to this week?

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