Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Guilt Free Snacking

Morning guys, so it's not secret that I'm a bit of a snacker. I tend to graze on little bits and bobs through out the day, which I suppose isn't always a bad thing. They say 'little and often' is good so I guess I'm kinda doing it right. Although, the sneaky Digestive now and again doesn't count. Oops!

I thought I would introduce you to a world of new snacking and that is (as the title suggests) 'Guilt Free Snacking'. Yes such  a thing does exist and not just in the form of a handful of almonds. These products are just some of the products I reach for when drinking water to fill me up just doesn't hit the spot. You ready? Good.

1. Bounce Energy Balls  - Full of protein and seriously filling, these are a great post-workout snack. I seriously recommend the Peanut Butter ones, these are my favorite (hence why there are none left in the picture) however they're all lovely. Having just perused the Bounce website I have also noticed they do a Cacao Mint flavour bomb as well so I'm definitely going to have to try this out as well. These are available at Holland & Barrett in store and online.

2. Eat Natural - Now these are just the tastiest snack, although arguably not the healthiest (some of the bars have chocolate on them some yogurt). They are fairly healthy and so yummy. My recommendations definitely go to the Dark Chocolate with Cranberries & Macadamias nuts - such a heavenly combination.

3. Nakd bars - These are bloody lovely but they're just one of them snacks where you either love em' or hate em' as you can tell, I'm a huge fan. The Cocoa Orange is the best flavour by far, it's tangy but super healthy. All of the Nakd bars are Gluten Free and one of your 5 a day, score!

4. Apple slices with Peanut Butter - As someone who has a slightly obscure addiction to Peanut Butter, anything that contains Peanut Butter, I'm there. Not long ago I was browsing healthy snacking solutions on Pinterest and stumbled upon this weirdly wonderful combo. Now I know at first glance you're probably thinking it sounds disgusting but seriously, don't knock it til' you've tried it. You get your daily dose of protein and one of your five a day in one hit!

5. Alpro desserts - You guys already know I love Alpro, I'm always singing their praises. It was love at first sight when I discovered their Alpro Desserts. These Desserts are pretty much guilt free, they're dairy free (of course) and full of plant power goodness & low in saturated fat. I think we're onto a winner here! They're available in most supermarkets but you won't find them on the fridge isle, they're kept in the Gluten Free section as they don't need to be chilled. I say this but as soon as I purchase them they go right in the fridge so to be honest they can be enjoyed either way. My sister and I have even been known to pop these in the freezer. They're great if you're really a Fro-Yo/Ice Cream moment without the guilt.

What are your go-to healthy snacks?

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