Wednesday, 3 September 2014

The Wednesday Post - A Week In Photos #7

Morning my lovelies, so Wednesday is here again and you know what that means. Yep correct, it's time for the 7th installment of 'A Week In Photos'. This gives me a chance to give you guys a binocular insight into my week (with my permission of course).  Firstly I do apologize for the lack of photographs - strange coming from me I know. Normally I have too many photo's!

So this week has been a pretty good one, it's been really positive and I have nothing but happiness to report, hooray! First of all, I mentioned in a previous post (here) that I would really like to start getting into reading, so I thought it was about time I took a leaf out of my own book. It's always been something I've enjoyed but as of late, when faced with the choice of social media/scrolling or reading a book, the Iphone option has always won, until now that is. A couple of months back I purchased a few books from Amazon to kick start my newly found hobby - all of which you will soon be shown in a post I have waiting for you guys (ppssst a Homeware Haul) . The first book I actually thought 'oooh this would be a good read' was the Kris Jenner Autobiography. I know what some of you are thinking 'the Kardashians are dumb' 'they're famous for being famous'...Well, I have always absolutely loved the Kardashians. I am obsessed with their family, their style and love the family values they share. Anyway, Kris' book turned out to be a good read and you actually learn quite a lot about how the family came to become successful and what they've been through, what with the whole OJ Simpson & Nicole trial, the loss of Robert Kardashian & other family illnesses. It really made me think that as perfect as someones live may be or may seem they have probably been on a long rocky journey to get where they are and everyone has some sort of struggle they have to deal with. Don't get me wrong, the Kardashians really are blessed in wealth, family and love but with that there are some downfalls. I will not go into anymore detail on the book anymore but it really is a good read and I just couldn't put it down, so if you're a fan of the Kardashian/Jenner clan this book is a great one for you!

On Saturday morning I decided to have an early start and a quiet morning to my self. So I totted off into town to my local Costa Coffee, grabbed a Soya Tea & Jam Toast and nestled down to finish my Kris Jenner book. As soon as I finished reading the Kris Jenner book I whizzed straight down to Meadowhall on the search for my next read. I picked up two books 'Before I Go To Sleep' & 'A Fault In Our Stars'. Both books have now been made into a movie and they sound super interesting. I've already started reading Before I Go To Sleep and let me tell you it's a real page turner! The film actually comes out on the 5th September in the Cinema, so I'm hoping to have finished the book by then.

In Meadowhall I also picked up a few beauty products which I will share with you in another post. Kyle had a massive splurge at All Saints and got himself a new outfit which looks dead smart. I decided to treat Kyle & I to an M&S lunch - which was delicious. We both went for a Spinach,Feta & Roasted Tomato Quiche served with Coleslaw & Salad. Yum! Warning this weekend was an indulgent one - I forgot to mention Kyle, Paris & I also had Pizza on the Friday night. My bad! On Saturday night Kyle had plans with his friends, so my nanny, sister and I decided to go for an evening out to Gala Bingo - I'm such a socialite I know! It was really fun and we all came back with more money than we went with so in my eyes it was a successful little outing.

On Sunday I woke up super early and dragged my self to the gym, then went home had a shower and got my self ready for lunch. Paris & I had planned to go out for Sunday Dinner with my grandparents and we had Kyle come along too to cure his hangover. It was so delicious, I kinda forgot to get photographic evidence, sorry guys. After wandering off into a food coma, having a little doze and catching up on the X Factor and watching Modern Family - we proceeded to get even more junk food. Ooops, Milky buttons and Kinder Happy Hippos are just the best. All in all it was a lovely but very indulgent weekend, we were so busy with pre-arranged plans and my mum had gone away for the weekend so there was no food in the  house, that's my awful excuse anyway! Hope you guys have all had a good week and are looking forward to the weekend, I sure am!

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