Friday, 5 September 2014

The 'Perfect For Any Occasion' Nail Varnishes

Good morning my lovelies - so if any of you lot know me well (which you kinda should by now, unless you're a new reader, in which case - Hola!) I am absolutely useless at painting my nails. Seriously I just can't get the nack for it. My hands aren't steady enough in the first place. I find that my right hand always looks better than my left, I have the patience of a dog waiting for their dinner - aka none. I am forgetful, I will end up applying the varnish at the most inconvenient of times. A usual trick of mine is when I'm about to go in the bath, who in gods name would think painting your nails at a time like that would be a good idea? Me! So yeah, you get the jist, nails aren't my thing and we have a rocky relationship. 

That being said however, I do love nail varnish - just not when I apply it. Instead I have employed a lovely assistant (my sister) to paint my nails for me - when she is available of course. So when my sister is round she will do the works, buffer, file, smooth, apply the layers and be my buddy whilst I wait for them to dry. She has a super steady hand and always makes my nails look really cute. 

The most recent two lacquers I have purchased and tend to reach for the most are 2 beautiful shades from the Barry M Gelly collection - Elderberry & Rose Hip. These two products work well solo and as a team. My ultimate favourite is Rose Hip which is a nude shade with a little drop of rose pink as shown above on me with a bit of extra added glitter on one nail for good measure. These was actually my 'Stockholm Nail-Look'. I'll be honest, they made me feel really girly, very well groomed and I found my self admiring my nails more often than I like to admit.

I have used the Elderberry shade quite a few times now and it is currently covering my toes as we speak but I'm sure you guys would not enjoy a 'toe of the day' - my feet aren't the prettiest so we'll save the image for another day when the lacquer is on my nails! 

These shades are so beautiful, I feel as though they could genuinely be sported on all sorts of occasions - whether its a glam evening out, a week day look or an interview NOTD, like they're just 'whatever the weather' kind of colours whereas brighter shades are generally saved for less formal occasions. 

What is your go to 'Nail Of The Day' that you can always rely on?

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