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September Wishlist

September Wishlist

September Wishlist by whatlaradidnext featuring Christian Louboutin

Morning guys so I've skipped the August Wishlist and I'm jumping straight in with the September one. This months list is super luxurious and very pricey, but a girl can't help wanting something can she?

So first things first, you may have noticed this list is very heavy in YSL & Estee Lauder products. Don't worry guys it hasn't gone un-noticed. The thing for me is, if I try a few products from a brand and every time I walk away satisfied, it just makes me fall in love with a brand and their army of products. YSL & Estee Lauder are just the sort of brand that bring it every single time. Their branding is on point, maybe on the expensive side yes but the products always deliver what they promise too and with very little error. These two brands have just become a holy grail brand for me, I mean I just wish I could buy everything on their beauty counters - which, if the disposable income was there, believe me I would.

So first of all, this month I've been on a quest and this quest involves finding the perfect skincare routine. I'll be honest, my skincare routine could be better and less slack but make up is my fort - not skin care. So if any of you guys can link me to your skincare routine or suggest some amazing products to me, it would be very much appreciated! I want to formulate the perfect routine and really look after my skin, so I'm open to any offers! Anyways, the product relating to this little rant that I'm wanting to get hold of is most definitely the Estee Lauder Take It Away Make Up Remover. I'm guilty of reaching for the face wipe far too often and really need to start using proper solutions that will completely remove my make up. I mean, I'm never one to sleep in my make up, I always remove it before I go to bed but I can't help but think my Face wipes and Face Wash isn't quite enough to remove excess make up and really cleanse my skin.

Next up is the YSL Rouge Volupte Lipstick - Honestly I love this stuff. I got a shade for Christmas which was just almost a really light balm with a hint of gloss/glitter to it. I loved it so much in fact, that I actually used it most days and I've now almost ran out. Stupidly though, I've slung the product around in my make up bag for that long that the actual shade name has scraped off, so I'm not actually entirely sure which colour I had but I definitely want to repurchase. My instincts tell me it was the Lingerie Pink shade! I would also love to have this colour in a Deep Red tone too, so again suggestions are welcome ladies/gentlemen.

A MAC Lipstick I've had my eye on for some time now is the shade Rebel, it's a deep berry purple shade and it looks amazing! As you gals' all know I don't go for Pink shades I'm all about the berry and red tones. I just think this would be the perfect winter lipstick to wear one a date night or a night out and I am determined to get my hands on it. Every MAC Lipstick that I've ever purchased has always stood me in good stead - apart from the shade 'Saint Germain', this Lipstick doesn't suit me at all! Generally though, as a rule all my MAC Lipsticks seem to last ages and always make my make up look just that little bit more glam, do you know what I mean?

Another MAC product that I need to be swiftly brought into my life is the MAC Mineralize Skin Finish. This is a baked frosted powder - or essentially a Highlighter. I've seen this on the MAC counter and have been so tempted to purchase it every time I go to MAC. It looks so beautiful, it's almost a metallic looking powder. I've never used a Powdered Highlighter neither so I would like to see how it works, it just looks as though it would give you that real Kim Kardashian Glow and I mean, c'mon who isn't all about that dewy cheek glow these days?!

Since I have so much love for the Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation, I reckon it's about time I give their sister product - the concealer a bit of a go! I will put my hand up now and say I have never used a concealer before ooops. Am I missing out or something? I was thinking of purchasing the Revlon Colour Stay that Lily Pebbles always harps on about but since I realised that Estee Lauder have one that you team with the Double Wear I thought it would make sense to purchase that. I am really hoping to get hold of this product and see what magic concealer can do for me!

Now, lets talk about the YSL Fusion Ink Foundation, this highly anticipated product has only just recently hit the stores and I am itching to try it. I love the Touche Eclait Foundation so I am expecting great things of this product. The formula claims to deliver a flawless coverage that lasts up to 24 hours whilst still feeling light on the skin. If it delivers what it promises this could potentially be the perfect foundation. The packaging for the Foundation looks as luxurious as the formula sounds. The only thing I don't like the look of is the applicator wand. To me, a pump works just fine so why replace a mechaninism that works for something like that? Aside of the supposed' application method, this product sounds amazing! It also comes in 16 shades, which actually correspond to the Touche Eclait Foundation shades so I just know that I can pick up my usual shade without getting tested, perfect.

I really really want to try the flat powder brush from Space NK, I don't have this sort of brush in my make up collection at present, and the brush I got with my YSL Powder doesn't really work all that well so this would be a good purchase in my mind.

Last but not least is the Christian Louboutin Nail Lacquer. This product looks incredible, although it comes with a hefty price tag (£36) it just looks amazing! The packaging is no less than I expected of Christian Louboutin and actually stands at the same height as the highest heel Christian Louboutin ever made (the Ballerina Ultima) - wow! The Lacquer is available in numerous different shades, ones that catch my eye are the sweet pastel pinks and the ultimate red shade - Rouge Louboutin. If I was to purchase this product (which would be very naughty) then I would have to go for the Rouge Louboutin. The shade supposedly suits everyone with a formula that is highly glossy and chip resistant. I think it's brilliant that Louboutin has released a product that is a hint of luxury but something that is more affordable. I mean, not everyone can afford his wonderful Red Sole heels so the next best thing has got to be this superbly designed Nail Lacquer!

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