Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Lets Talk About Fitness...

Morning today as you've probably guessed I thought I would talk to y'all about fitness. Not that I'm an expert on the subject or anything but more because it's an area I'm trying to improve in my self and as with many people - getting fit can is a constant battle that you have to work at every day to make progress.

My journey with getting fit is no way near complete, I mean is it ever? When should you ever just settle for something, if you complete one goal you tend to look to complete the next - it's all about self improvement and bettering yourself.

So first of all let's talk about the clothes - duh! Like I'd start anywhere else... So for me, gym gear is definitely a priority. When I started at the gym about 3/4 months ago (again) I just went in an oversized top with some tight bottoms and any old trainers and I'll be honest, it wasn't much fun. For me, investing in some proper attire is so much more motivating, so guess what I went and did, I got myself some sports wear. The clothing items below are a mixture of Lulu Lemon, Nike & Adidas but as you can see, Nike is the one dominating the fort. I'm a big fan of Nike and so is my boyfriend, I mean hey since taking up fitness, Kyle & I could spend hours getting lost in Nike Town on Oxford Street (the other day we did just that!). I mean, my sports wear collection is no way near complete, it gets a bit like make up, once you've got one item you just wanna get another. Although, for the time being I am pretty content with my selection of choices and hopefully it will continue to grow. I think though, from now on if I want another top or some more trainers or something, I'm gonna make myself work for it i.e. set my self a goal and once I have achieved that I will then allow my self to go Nike crazy.

Next up lets discuss the hair and face situation  - as difficult as it us for us beauty addicts to go through with, unfortunately when working out removing your make up is crucial and pretty much a necessity. Since I usually go to the gym straight from work I have to be sure to be armed with the relevant products to remove my make up and so should you! On occasions I forget but most of the time I'm pretty good. Sweating it out under a layer of foundation aint pretty, trust me and it's certainly not good for your skin. If you dare, your face is best off bare. It's not like anyone cares anyway, everyone goes to the gym/ works out for one reason - to get fit not to look like you're off on a glam night out. Also, I would totally recommend keeping your hair out of your face as much as poss. Whether it's a top knot, pony or a head band - just steer clear of getting stray hairs around your face, when you're on a Cross Trainer/Treadmill it can prove to be very irritating.

They all say 'Abs are made in the kitchen' not that my podge has anything to prove but basically what I'm saying is if you're gonna work out you need to provide your body with the nutrients to you know - do it's thing. Cramming in as much fruit and veg is crucial, getting a balance and drinking enough water is also super important.

Now my last tip would be - if you're anything like me, I get super bored really easily. I find it merely impossible to work out without some upbeat tunes to accompany me so make sure you've got a good play list set up on your Phone/Ipod. My quick fix for this is Spotify, you can get all the latest music and just add them to a playlist, it's a doddle.

My last words of wisdom (If I have any) would be to make sure you mix it up or you'll just get bored of your work out. Finding a work out buddy might motivate you as well, so try and grab yourself one of them and last of all is - challenge yourself.

I'd love to hear what you guys to do work out or how you keep yourself motivated so please do pop in comments in the section below!

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