Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Chanel Glossimer Lipgloss - The Review

Morning guys. So the other week I was wandering round House of Fraser and found my self rummaging around the Chanel counter. It was only a matter of time before I would cave in and go in for the plunge. I'll be brutally honest guys, until now I had never Purchased anything from Chanel so this is my first ever Chanel purchase and I am so excited.

I have always admired Chanel as a brand, I mean with regards to Fashion & Beauty it's pretty up there. It's one of them timeless classical aspirational brands we all dream of donning. There's no doubts about it - Chanel is very pricey but with that comes the exceptional product quality and the amazing packaging.

So after much perusing around the counter and picking up this specific Lipgloss countless times and umm'ing and ahh'ing as to whether I should buy it or not, I just ended up thinking well I might as well just get it! So that's exactly what I did.

I picked up a Lipgloss from the new Glossimer collection in shade songe 191 and I am seriously in love with it.

(This picture really doesn't do the gorgeous shade justice!)

The deetz
 So the shade is a clear gloss with this whole shimmery pink-fleck iridescent thing going on. It's really shimmery with hints of glitter but not overly glossy if the makes sense. On the lips, at first glance it just looks like a really good quality thick clear gloss but as the light shines on it, these beautiful shades of pink emerge. It was £22 which, I guess is quite expensive for a Lipgloss but if you're more of a luxury brand kinda girl who loves the gloss, then this product is most definitely for you. What I like about this gloss is that it doesn't feel uncomfortable on the lips. I remember when I was like thirteen I used to buy these dead cheap glosses that would just irrirate the hell out of me because the product was just too thick and obvious, where as the Glossimer Gloss is subtle, but really beautiful and flattering on the lips. If you like all things pretty you will be an avid lover on this gloss, it is super aesthically pleasing  and don't even get me started on the packaging. When it comes to packaging Chanel always get it just right. I'm loving this new release from Chanel. If you want to get your hands on it, you can get it right here.

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