Tuesday, 23 September 2014

4 Beauty Hacks For When You're Poor

Hey my lovelies! So, it's getting to the end of the month and you're running low on the dollar. You've spent all your wages living the high life at the start of the month and now it's coming back to bite you and well you're pretty much praying for pay day. I'm sure for a lot of you that feeling is all too familiar, c'mon be honest you've all done it or continue to do it on a monthly basis!

So in honour of my statement above, I thought it would be a good idea to give you guys some top tips for what you can do to just get through the month a little easier, without breaking the bank. Looking good doesn't always come at a price...

1. Hotel Freebies
So it can't just be me that takes full advantage of the free hotel beauty products right? I mean the mini shower gels and shampoos are pretty much yours anyway, since you paid for the room, so don't be afraid just go ahead and take them. I find these are always super useful when I'm about to have a shower and then I suddenly realize there is no shampoo left and then I remember I have my secret stash! 

2. Boots Advantage Card
Okay so it doesn't have to be Boots - pretty much all the huge department stores are jumping on the points band wagon nowa days, I know Debenhams and House of Fraser do them and I think they're a great idea. What better way to treat yourself for all your hardcore spending than by picking up some of your favourite beauty products for free?! I tend to use my points card to buy new beauty products that have just started appearing on the shelves or just for simple things like body washes and nail varnishes. Hey why not just go the whole way and pick up a free Costa on your way to Boots as well with your club card, treat yourself. 

3. Magazine & Beauty Samples
I find these are great for trying out the new products like Foundations or Perfumes to see whether it's something you wanna pay the full dollar for. I find they're also great for giving to guests. Like if you have a guest room in your house and someone's coming over - collate all your beauty samples and put them in a container for your guest to use at their disposal. Also if you're thinking of trying out a new Foundation but not sure if you want to splash out on the full amount just in case it doesn't suit you (or you're running low on money and your usual foundation) - just go to the relevant beauty counter and ask for a sample and the sales assistants are pretty much always happy to give you one.

4. Travel Mini's & Gift Sets
So at Christmas time and on your birthday you're probably likely to receive gift sets that have mini versions of products - these come in super handy if you're off on your jollys and a great way of being money efficient or if money is an option you can always pop down to your local Boots or Superdrug and pick up some mini Travel versions of your favourite products to keep you looking lovely when you jet off on your holiday!

Do you have any beauty tips for when money isn't an option?  


  1. What a great post - my Boots card has definitely saved my life on more than a few end-of-the-month occasions. I also definitely recommend always passing on products you don't use to friends - karma will reward you when you need it most!

    Much love x =)

  2. Haha, I love this post. I definitely find magazine freebies and hotel freebies very useful. They work really well for travelling too. I also love buying beauty boxes from Latest in Beauty where you can see the content, which is usually worth more than 5 times what you pay for. :P

    Olivia x Beauty from the Fjord


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