Tuesday, 5 August 2014

The 'Iced Tea' Edit

Today guys I would like to discuss with you - Iced Tea. Now, the world of Iced Tea is a magical world filled with Peaches and Lemons - well not literally but they're the usual flavours you can purchase.

Just lately, I am loving Iced Tea - it's so addictive, so simple and yet so yummy. There is nothing I love more on a hot summers day than grabbing a lovely cold Peach Iced Tea (or Lemon occasionally, just depends what I'm feeling that day).

I'm not entirely sure of the health Benefits of Iced Tea because generally I think it's a flavoured syrup that you add to your water and mix, although I would say since the majority of the content of the drink is water so it's not that bad. Also since the flavour is so sensational I guess it kinda encourages you to get in your daily water in take as you just want more. It's difficult to describe the texture of Iced Tea and what makes it different to just normal squash but basically the consistency is thicker and has a more refreshing/subtle taste to it.

There are so so many options as well if you're an Iced Tea lover' like me or even if you're an Iced Tea newbie. Brands I'd recommend include Lipton - I think this was the original, this one is already brewed and bottled up for you. This is my go-to on a long car journey where you've just got to grab it and go. Costa is another of my favorites for when going on a Costa date on a warm summers day or if you're going on a walk or sitting in the park. Another newly discovered brand that I've quickly grown to love is FruitBroo. These guys make the Iced Tea syrup in bottles for you so you can have your own one at home - such a great idea and the packaging is pretty cute as well! It's strange that its such a huge hype yet when you visit a Supermarket there are no 'do at home' options about so well done FruitBoo for your cool innovation. I'd recommend the Peach, Pear & Honey one!

Starbucks also do a 'Refresha' which has a similiar taste to Iced Tea but I believe it has in fact got Coffee Extracts in it. If you're in Starbucks though, the Refresha is sort of their spin on Iced Tea, it's yummy. Oh and on a last note - the Arizona Honey Iced Green Tea is also incredible and the oriental packaging is super cute. (Available at Zizzi's & online I think!)

So, Lets share an Iced Tea moment of praise shall we?

What's your Favourite Iced Tea?

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