Thursday, 21 August 2014

Make Up Setting Sprays Luxury Vs. High Street

Morning guys, so this is a post I've been meaning to do for a while!

Make up setting/fixer sprays, you either love em or you hate em. Me? Well I'm still not fully decided, but just to be sure I use them for good measure. Times where I would usually reach for a make up setting sprays are usually when I'm going on a night out, to a party or even on a long journey. However to put to rest any confusion, generally I use this on the weekends and times where I just want to go that extra mile with my appearance. On week days, I'll be honest I'm not too fussed. My make up routine for work is pretty rushed and usually done when I'm half asleep. However, there are times in a woman's life where she wants to retain that perfect make up look and the answer to that is Fixer Sprays or Primer (if you're one of them!).

Today on the judging panel I have 2 contestants:
Luxury Product - MAC Fix+
High street - W7 Fixer Face Spray

The verdict?...

Well, first of all lets talk about the luxury product that is of course, MAC. This product comes in at the price of £23 or £10 for the travel version. For the full size bottle you get 100ml and for the travel size at £10 you get 30ml worth of product. I don't actually own the travel size bottle, just the full size! So my thoughts on this product are... The product lasts ages, I've had this since just before Christmas and I will be honest it's been my savior on many glam occasions. The packaging for this product is definitely aesthetically pleasing. It comes in a white glossy package that has a hint of sparkle. The bottle itself is clear and so is the product.   I think some people are skeptical as to whether this product actually works and in my opinion it really does, it goes that extra mile and keep your face of the day in place, even in super hot and sticky clubs, it won't melt! Now, the initial application of Setting Sprays are something I'm not too much of a  fan of in general. You're supposed to spray the bottle at arms length away, yet still to this day, every time I spritz the spray onto my face it just makes your whole face wet. This is very irritating to be honest because I feel as though it completely throws my careful and precise make up application. However, don't be fooled or impatient, the spray will dry within a couple of minutes you just need to wait. As long as the product is applied to your face at a distance it wont smudge your make up, it will do what it says on the tin, with a little bit of waiting time that is. Th Fix+ is brilliant because it is pretty much non-fragrant and you only require one spritz for it to do the job! I would recommend the travel size Fix+ for suitcases and handbags as the full size one is a little hefty!

Now onto the High Street version, the W7 Fixer Face Spray*. This product costs £4.95 for 18ml. Which to be honest, I'm quite surprised at. Although the product is the perfect minuture size to pop into your hand bag - the price and amount of product you get in relation to the MAC mini isn't all that different. I mean I just presumed with W7 being quite a budget brand you would get a little more product for your money. However, to be fair the product itself is pretty damn good. As with the MAC Fixer Spray it does the job! It's perfect pocket size as well. The packaging of the product is fairly standard it says what it does on the bottle and is fairly minimal, which I really like to be fair. My only other issue however, is the fragrance within the product. It just doesn't smell nice, it's almost dusty/old fashioned perfume kind of scent which did actually really put me off.

Overall thoughts? On this occasion MAC Fix+ is hands down the winner!

What do you think to Make Up Setting Sprays? I'd love to hear suggestions!

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