Tuesday, 19 August 2014

5 Ways To Completely Relax

Morning guys. Now, living in the digital age makes it all the more difficult to switch off. By switching off I mean completely relaxing and chilling out. That feeling is all too familiar , when you're surrounded by social media and bulletins sent via Buzzfeed on a daily basis it can be hard to just put down your phone and stop scrolling. I am just as guilty as the next person of not switching off but in an attempt to save my vision from becoming somewhat square from looking at a screen all day long and for my own health, I have curated together a hand crafted list of how to just chill out. You ready?

1. Have a Bubble Bath - I'm talking the whole palava, that's right, an excessive amount of bubbles, bath bombs, face masks, candles, lights down, hair masks, exfoliators, scrubs, the whole lot. This is one of my favourite ways to just relax and also a way to pamper my self. Sunday's are usually my favourite day to conduct this military pampering procedure as you've got a whole day of laziness ahead. Why not even just go the whole way and lacquer your nails and tootsies as well? You could even blow dry your hair properly (something I never do, ooops) and moisturize your face and body. Think of it as your body perfecting overhaul. Scrub yourself up squeaky clean and smelling lovely whilst relaxing in the process.

2. Read - I know that was a very generic term but whatever you do, read. Whether your prefer picking up a chat Magazine, your daily Newspaper or a book, just make time for it. It can help to further your knowledge or if you want - it can have the desired effect of sending you into a snoozing slumber mid way through the page. I buy books all the time but never end up reading them, this is something I want to make more time for and you should too!

3. Baking/Cooking - What better way to relax than by serving up delicious baked goods? Or, if you're not much of a baker opt for something savoury. Something I find very satisfying is planning my meals for the week and cooking in batches. Even if you're one of them who just finds cooking stressful, find relief in the fact that if you batch cook your food/treats for the week, when you get home from work or uni you can just bang your meal in the microwave. I also love baking treats and freezing them. I am also a big fan of pre-prepping my smoothies by adding my fruit contents into a sandwich bag, then the next morning it's just a  case of throwing your ingredients into the blender, ice cold and super healthy!

4. Go for a walk - This is something I love to do, I often go on walks with my dad during the week and occasionally with my sisters or Kyle if I get the chance. I'll be honest, having a dog sometimes helps to initiate this activity as it is a requirement that you have to go and walk your pooch. If you haven't got a dog just ask a sibling/friend/significant other to go on a walk with you. Choose your route and off you go. The best places are the ones that make you have no service on your phone, no temptations!

5. Designate Phone Free Zones - I know many people have tried to put this rule in place in their households in a bid to getting a family more social and less well unsociable. It can be easier said than done but if you for example set certain times in which you're allowed to use social media and places where using your phone is forbidden i.e. your bedroom, the dinner table etc - Eventually you will hopefully have conditioned yourself to know that once you get into bed its a zen zone where the world of social media and scrolling is not allowed, soon enough it will become the norm to reach for a book and get a good nights rest.

What are your tip tops for relaxing?

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