Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Stockholm Travel Diary

Hey lovelies!

As you all know last week I ventured over to the magical city of Stockholm AKA the capital of Scandinavia. I packed my suitbase (full to the brim might I add) and tootled off for the week along with my boyfriend. It was so so much fun, we had the best time. In case of you are interested I thought I would let have you a glimpse through some binoculars (my iphone) of what we got up to during our time there.

Day 1
It all began with a load of stressful packing and then a painfully late and extra long journey to Heathrow Terminal 3. We left Kyles just after midnight and headed straight for London! Upon arrival at the airport at around 2:30am we were suprised to be greet by a deadly silent Airport.

 It was so surreal everyone was asleep everywhere you went - we decided to take camp at a Costa Coffee - where I observed some strange sleeping positions including a nose diver, a group of engineers 'snuggling' and the classic, 'catching flies' position - Kyle has this one on point! Anyway, I couldn't sleep so I just grabbed a Soya Mocha. Whilst I waited peacefully for my coffee-chocolate mixture to be brewed I was rudely disturbed by a little mouse scurrying across my foot.. yes a mouse! Absolutely horrified I let out a loud squeak. One of the engineers had soon awakened and piped up 'is that the norm around here!?' and to be honest I couldn't help but wonder the same.

Anyways, after procrastinating to my hearts content scrolling through Twitter and seeing tweets from across the pond, using up my free 45 minutes of Wifi and almost cramming in a full episode of Orange is the new black - the gates for our flight finally opened. We went through the usual regime bag drop, security and then the wonders of Duty Free were upon us! Hoorah! Unfortunately I didn't purchase anything but I was so desperate too. So we boarded the plane and then a couple of hours later we landed in Stockholm.

Upon arrival we checked out buses on how to get to our hotel which was actually fairly straight forward and a lot cheaper than booking transfers! Once we'd checked into the hotel which was gorgeous, might I add. We had worked ourselves up a bit of an appetite and were ready to get our exploring heads on. So off we headed on the commuter train into the city centre. We explored Stockholm old town which was beautiful, the buildings were so tall and pretty  I felt like I was in a film! After walking for what seemed like forever, we spotted a Ben & Jerries restaurant and of course had to grab ourselves an ice cream sundae and a milkshake. Just in case you're interested - I went for the Raspberry and Chocolate Froyo & Peanut Butter cup and it was amazing (hence the lack of photographic evidence).

Soon after we'd wolfed down our Ben & Jerries we thought we'd better head back to the hotel. After having not slept for over 35 hours I was well due a rest and as me and Kyle discussed who was going to fetch the Pizza for tea we both drifted off into what turned out to be a 16 hour slumber!

Day 2

Today it was mine & Kyle's 2 year anniversary, it's absolutley flown by! We both woke up bright and early and headed down to the hotel restaurant to grab some breakfast. It was yummy there was so much variety - English Breakfasts, Cereal, Continental & Pancakes & Maple Syrup (My fave mmmm mmm). After breakfast we got ready and each hopped in the amazing power shower and both got ready for the day! We took the usual commuter train to Stockholm central and went for a Starbucks which was lovely. Something I really noticed during my time in Sweden is that the people are so happy and polite and pretty much all spoke fluent English. I felt bad in a way that I hadn't even bothered to learn any - next time I'm definitely going to make the effort too!

After sipping on a Starbucks we stumbled upon probably the best super market ever. If you're anything like me and get sooo giddy when entering a supermarket full of fresh food and wholesome goodness (so so sad) this Supermarket will blown your mind. If you ever go to Sweden, go to Coop, not the Co-op its called Coop! Imagine a mixture of Waitrose, Asda & M&S - heaven is a real place! I was absolutely amazed at the selection of Alpro products they had to offer. Let alone the Deli Counter - I mean wow lets not even get onto that, I could yap about it for hours and the Salad bar, well for a Vegetarian it was just so perfect there was such a huge variety of food!

Next up we headed for the tube in search of a restaurant I had discovered on Instagram called 'Un Poco'. This restaurant is actually owned by the Swedish House Mafia and has greeted guests including Otto Knows & Tiesto so we just had to go there. Once we found where it was located and booked a table we dashed back to the hotel to get ready for our date night. It was perfect I loved it! I would definitely recommend.

Day 3

We went through the standard routine - up, breakfast, shower get ready for the day! Today was began a little disastrous - it's a long story but basically I dropped my phone behind our bed which we thought was nailed to the wall and that I would never get it back again - I did, after blubbering for about an hour and after house keeping saved the day.

Anyways, after the trauma, our last day turned out to actually be really good, well kinda anyway....We had actually planned to have a picnic  in the city park but after going to Coop and grabbing our super salads, we walked to the exist to discover it was in fact, absolutely chucking it down. We ended up eating our Picnic in the train station waiting room - for a moment I genuinely felt like Kady Heron eating her lunch in the girls toilets - not cool!

Once we'd gone back to our room and got ready, we dashed off once again to another reservation - Stockholm Ice Bar. This was possibly my favourite part of the trip, it was sooooo cool (literally!) you got given a huge blue fluffy coat (I felt like Elsa out of Frozen) and when you entered the bar the whole thing was literally made of  ice, even the cups! We only actually managed staying in there for about 15 minutes as it was sooo cold. We managed to drink up a cocktail each though and followed on with another at our hotel before nodding off to the land of dream world!

When we woke up in the morning we had breakfast, began to pack and had to bid farewell to Stockholm. It was short but sweet and I loved it. I have gathered some fond memories of the place and hope to return in the not too distant future.

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