Tuesday, 29 July 2014

My Go-To Summer Essentials

Morning guys!

Today's post is a 'how to cope with the heat 101'. As a renowned pale gal with very sensitive skin, all throughout the year my skin suffers with dryness and in summer I burn so bad, resulting a tomato face, which is not cool!

I thought I would guide you through some products/items I would consider my summer essentials. These are the products that save my skin and make my life so much easier on sizzling hot summer days. So, get your moleskin books ready and prepare to take some serious notes...

First of all lets talk about the Sun Protection Lotion from the ERiiS for Sun range*. This product is brilliant. I don't know about you guys but every Sun Cream I've come across in previous years have been far too creamy. I mean you apply to cream and then end up looking like a ghost for the first half an hour whilst waiting for the lotion to soak in and do it's thing. It's all well and good that it does the job but I often regret even applying the product in the first place as it looks me feeling uncomfortable and sweaty until its all soaked in your skin. This product however works an absolute dream! I went for the SPF30 as it gives good coverage for the skin to ensure I don't burn but also gives me the chance to add a bit of a glow to my shamefully pale face. For the ERiiS Sun Protection Cream you just use a pump which is fuss free and distributes just enough product without leaving any excess. The consistency of the product is light on the face and soaks in straight away and to be honest also acts as a pretty damn good moisturiser. On sunny days this has been my go to product. Due to the consistency of the Lotion, I can apply my Foundation onto my face pretty much straight away without it sliding off my face. Although the price is at a slightly expensive £29.99. I know it will last me ages and the product is of such good quality that I definitely feel as though I can justify the price without hesitation. ERiiS is part of the Hampton Brands and is available HERE. There are plenty of other SPFs available and as it says on the tin - the product is fuss free - no stickiness, quick absorbency and a truly lovely fruity smell which I can only describe as a discrete blend of Bananas & Mango.

Next up is my Tangle Teezer, now to be honest this isn't just a summer essential this is my daily handbag essential whatever the weather. My hair is very thick, fairly long and little bleach damaged = resulting in hair that knots up like there is no tomorrow. This little gem is a life saver. My lovely sister got me it for christmas and I've never looked back since. I think they cost around £12? Great value though and such a clever concept. Also, if you're anything like me and cry at the thought of brushing your hair due to the overwhelming pain - this is the perfect brush for you.

My Victoria Secret Compact mirror is again another handbag essential but I pay special attention to it on the sunny days. Whenever I feel frightened that my make up is melting off my face I can simply pop out my super cute compact to have a quick look. Not sure why though, as I am the laziest beauty blogger in the world and very rarely touch up my make up. My beauty routine goes something like this - throw on my make up at lightening speed at 7am and then not even giving it a second thought until I go to wipe it off at bed time. I often look in the mirror in disappointment at my face of the day, I'm just never bothered enough to whip out my make up bag. My bad!

Next up is a trio of Soap & Glory Products. I know what you're thinking, god this girl harps on about Soap & Glory all the bloody time. Well yes I do but if a brands pleases me I will bleat on about it for days. So back to the little clan of products I've put together. Righteous Butter, Heels Genius & Scrub of your Life. These products all work well in hand together. The Scrub of your Life is the perfect exfoliator - so whether you're planning on getting your pins out or if you're prepping a tanning session, this product is the best in the biz. It makes your skin super smooth and gets rid of any excess skin/bumps and lumps etc. Team the Righteous Butter with it and you've got a perfect match. After you've scrubbed away - simply apply the Righteous Butter all over your body for super silky skin. Also, with it being sandal season - popping on a dash of Heels Genius on your perfectly primmed and laquered tootsies makes them so soft and most definitely flip flip ready!

Now its all about the hair. On a day at the beach I absolutely love to spritz the Beach Matt Schwarzkopf Salt Spray from the Got2B Range. For that 'I woke up like this' festival effortless hair effect this product is on point. It was rinse your bank account neither, at a mere £5.99 you can't afford to turn it down!

Last but certainly not least is the MAC Fix+ Spray. The Ultimate Make Up Setter. On sweltering hot days and summer nights out this product is my bestest friend. Alright okay at first application the product aint too pretty. It's a bit wet out your face but leave it a few minutes to absorb into your skin and your face of the day will most certainly stay put. Keep a look out on my blog in the next few days where I will be having a face off with 2 amazing Setting Sprays and putting them to the test.

What are your summer essentials?

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  1. Lovely post :) In my summer essentials you also find the fab trio you mentioned from Soap and Glory :)


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