Thursday, 24 July 2014

Brunch in The Garden, Just Desserts & A Walk With The Pooch

Morning guys! First of all I would like to apologize - it's been a whole week since I posted! I suppose my driving lessons and freelance work have just been taking priority the past week or so.

Today I wanted to share with you all another sort of 'week in photos' blog post. (I promise I've got some super good beauty and fashion posts on the way for you, so don't worry just yet).

With all the hustle and bustle this past month, this week was somewhat a tad quieter. I mean it's been busy don't get me wrong but its not been manic if you know what I mean, which I kinda like. Sometimes it's nice just to chill.

On Sunday morning it was such a beautiful day so I decided to make Kyle and I some brunch. Days like this are my favorite. Them ones where you get to sit in the garden and eat. I opted for my super lovely Banana Pancakes with some chopped up fruit. Naughtily I added a drizzle of Chocolate Sauce but hey ho it's Sunday so I don't care! I made Kyle a mini English Breakfast - Bacon, Beans, Toast and Egg and we both had an Iced Coffee to Drink. As you can see in the picture I pride my self on my ability to create a super cute set up by using unnecessary crockery...but then again who wouldn't want a heart shaped toaster holder? You see my point?!

We proceeded to spend the rest of our Sunday binge watching Netflix. Shamefully we watched the entire first season of American Horror Stories in a one'er. It was totally addictive but I wouldn't recommend watching it if you're a wuss like me. I spent the entire afternoon following Kyle around like a lost sheep, asking him to come to the toilet with me and having the lights on everywhere I went.

During the week my dad and I also went for our weekly walk. We pranced off to a hidden gem just outside of Clumber Park, which might I add has fast become my favorite place to go for a walk!
This was the first time in a long while that my feet actually ached after a walk but it was such a fun adventure!

Biscuit had a lot of fun playing and is such a clever little dog, he took this stick with him all the way round the walk bless him.

What did you get up to this week? 

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