Thursday, 5 June 2014

Review - MAC Alluring Aquatic Bronzing Powder

So today lovely people I have decided to give you the low down on the MAC Alluring Aquatic Bronzing Powder. I was intrigued by this MAC collection so I just decided to go ahead and purchase it. I was on the look out for a bronzer anyway and this one just really happened to catch my eye.

I'll be honest - the pretty packaging was a huge pull factor for me. It just looks so pretty and well, as it says on the tin 'aquatic'. I've given this product a shot for a few weeks or so and thought it was about time I let you know whether its a winner or not.

*Disclaimer* Huge apologies for the photo quality, with this packaging being reflective it was so difficult to get images without any reflections on it and I only have my Iphone to take pictures on for the time being.

Now my first thought on this Bronzing Powder is - it's bloody brilliant! It was everything I was looking for in a Bronzer. It has quickly become a staple item in my make up bag. A few weeks in and I'm already wondering how I ever dealt with out. I decided to purchase the bronzer to 1. give me a sun kissed glow and a bit of colour and 2. to have a go at Contouring.  I know you can contour with either Foundation or Powder but I thought I would give the Powder a go first of all and d'ya what?! I'm really getting in the swing of things.  I love Contouring! ...But we will save that for another post.

I purchased this Bronzing Powder in the shade 'Refined Golden' and I think there are a few more shades available. The great thing is about this product is you really do not need much actual product at all. In fact, just a tiny dab of the brush in the pan will most definitely do the job. I am really impressed with the minimal amount of product you actually need as I know this means the bronzer will last me for ages - fantastic value for money, I feel as though I can justify the price already.

Like I said previously - I've been wearing this Bronzer pretty much every day since I've purchased it and d'ya know what I've actually had a load of compliments. Who would have thought a bit of Bronzer would make you look so much more presentable. I feel as though the Bronzer just really adds that bit of glow to your face and makes it look a lot more chiseled and defined.

If the water droplet, teal coloured packaging isn't enough to persuade you or if you're looking for a Bronzer that you want to be able to Contour with, add a bit of glam to your look or just to give you a bit of colour, This really is a winner and I would 100% recommend it.

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