Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Graze Breakfast Box

Good morning guys! So with me being an avid lover of Graze and a loyal subscriber I was beaming with happiness when I found out they have now released a Breakfast Box! I love Graze. I love Breakfast. What is there not to love? So I thought hey why not just give it a try?

The box arrived on schedule and made me happy as soon as I picked it up - it had 'Good Morning Lara!' engraved on the box, accompanied with some cute illustrations (Graze' signature look). I definitely didn't waste any time ripping open the packaging and was so pleased with what was inside. In the box I found 4 miniature little cereal packages that each contained a different imaginative flavour. The packaging was beyond cute, it had really lovely typography and just look truly yummy. You know the miniature Kellogg cereals you can get well these were like a contemporary version of them with a tastier contents, fantastic idea.

The price of the box is £3.99 which some people may consider expensive but when you look into the logistics of it at all - it really isn't that expensive. I eat small portions of cereal for my breakfast because I have fruit with it and after testing out the little packages I have found that I can get 2 bowls of cereal out of one packet. I know not everybody is the same but for me it works out to cover 8 breakfasts. Alongside the fact that they really do go to a huge effort to make the packaging look pretty and they personalize the boxes. An added bonus is that you also get the nutrition values of each packet and discount vouchers to give to your friends - so really everyone is a winner!

Anyways so I have tried out each of my mini cereals now and feel I can give a full flavour report! First of all, I was so impressed with the flavour variety they have available, there really is something for everyone.In this box I received:
-Scandinavian Forest Fruits
-Rugged Maple & Pecan Granola
_Orange & Macadamia Granola
-Dark Chocolate & Orange Macadamia

They all tasted amazing and like no other cereal I've had before. Graze really are kings of flavour and inventive snacking, I already can't wait for my next box - it just makes breakfast so much more fun!

Have you tried the Breakfast Box yet? If not check out the Graze offer on my blog at the moment and get your first box free! (underneath my header).

Don't worry you wont be roped into a contract and can cancel at any time!
What are you waiting for? Get Grazing!

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  1. Loooooooks so good!


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