Tuesday, 10 June 2014

May/June Empties

Morning all! Sooo today I thought that since it was the end of the month I would do my very first 'empties' post!

I've had this planned for a while now and have purposely been keeping hold of empty products. Normally like any other person I would just chuck the empty packet straight in the ol' bin but for this purpose I thought it would be acceptable to hoard empty packaging.

So with no further ado' please welcome my very first empties post with love - If this post is popular I might consider making this a regular post. I mean, it gives you all the opportunity to have a snoop around the products I've been slapping on over the past few weeks and also will hopefully give you an idea of whether you'd like to purchase any of my stuff for your self.

First up is the Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclait Foundation - This has quickly  become a staple in my face of the day. Well I say this, although I haven't actually used it in a while. I reckon this is just because I'm really into this whole contouring look at the moment which is obviously heavier make up and well the YSL Foundation is light on the skin, sheer and gives your skin a lovely radiance and glow. I love this Foundation, I mean it's pretty expensive (around £30) but it really is worth it and when I went through a stage of wearing it all the time a bottle lasted me more than 2 months. Another thing that I love about the Touche Eclait Foundation is the bottle and packaging, it's such a big bottle which looks really luxurious and I'm just in love with it! If you're looking for a look that is natural but beautiful this Foundation is really worth giving a whirl, there is definitely a shade for everyone.

Next up is the winner of all the empties here this month...the Lush Cupcake Face Mask. Oh my god I just love it! This is the first Lush Face Mask I have purchased (I mean I've had samples of the Oatifix but never gone ahead with the purchase). I am SO pleased with this product,  at first I thought well it's a little expensive (£6.25) and I will only get a couple of uses out of it. WELL boy was I wrong, I've used this lovely face mask at least 15 times this month and I haven't been scrimping neither. Every time I've used it I've slapped on a whole load of product on my face. The benefits don't end here neither...if you want to get a chocolate fix but don't want to have a horrific calorie intake this will be right up your street. Why eat chocolate when you can smother it on your face and inhale the glorious smell for 10 minutes? Mmmmm. Another thing I like about the Cupcake Face Mask is the fact you have to keep it in the fridge. If you're anything like me and feel as though you're going to faint when you get in the bath, this will cool you right down, it's so refreshing to put on your face it really is. Lush also have an incentive for loyal Lush-ees in which, if you return 5 full size empty Face Mask Pots you will get one free of your choice, what a fabulous idea!

 I know I'm totally preaching all of these empty products right now but  I wouldn't preach anything to you if I wasn't happy with it just saying guys :)

Another sweet smelling scent I would like to share with you guys is the Victoria Secrets Magnolia Spray. I bought this amazing body spray for £2.50 when Victoria Secrets had a (very rare) sale on. I got this back in January along with a couple of other sprays, lotions, potions and PJ's and how I wish I just purchased a thousand more! Normally the sprays are on offer 5 for £30 so getting one for £2.50 is great value and the added bonus is that they last forever. This VS Spray has quickly become my signature scent, along with Love Spell & Coconut & Passionfruit. They just smell incredible, I am now quickly running out of VS sprays so will have to stock up on new ones soon but I just thought this was a lovely floral scent I had to share with you. I got so many compliments when wearing it and would describe it as a light sweet floral scent.

Y'all already know what my thoughts are on Hand Food. I will preach about Soap & Glory until the cows come home and this little pocket size product is no exception. I have both the travel size and full size version of this product and always re-purchase. It has a sweet scent of Marshmellows and mositurizes your hands on cold winter days. I've found that I haven't had to use Hand Food as much now that the sun is shining but always keep it on hand just in case.

Last but certainly not least is the MAC Volcanic Ash Exfoliator. I am in love with this product! I was a little skeptical about this at first but when I actually started using it, it was like love at first sight. Now I have obviously ran out of this product now but definitely intend on re-purchasing. I usually use it around 2-3 times a week to give my face a good scrub. This Exfoliator makes your face look as though you've completed an Army Obstacle course but seriously this stuff works wonders for your face!

Have you used any of these products before? What products did you use up this month?

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