Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Life Lately #3

Morning Guys!

This is my 3rd installment of the 'Life Lately' post which seems to have become a regular feature on the blog.

So I guess you all want to know what I've been up to in the past month or so? I'll take that as a yes seen as that's why you're here!

This month has been all about figuring out a gym routine that works, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and really about stepping everything up a gear when it comes to my lifestyle. I've got some products that have recently appeared in my snacking staples - Alpro Desserts. These little Dessert Pots are amazing, if you've got a sweet tooth like me and constantly crave chocolate these are a fantastic option. They're Dairy Free and they aren't too bad for you either. You guys already know how much I love Alpro products so I wont harp on about them too much (for the time being!).

This month has been full of adventure, I've been on lots of long walks to forests and parks, celebrated some birthdays and also went to the Seaside! My dad, Biscuit and I recently took a day out in Scarborough. With me having never really been to the seaside, I found it so much fun. We did the cliche old thing and had fish and chips by the sea and also had Ice Cream - I went for Coconut and it was incredible. Biscuit swam in the sea for the first time and absolutely loved it.

 Kyle finished University for the summer this month as well so it's great knowing that I get to spend the summer with him (when we both aren't working).

I'm really enjoying doing this little feature on my blog because I get to reflect on what I've done throughout the month and it kinda reminds me that my life isn't as boring as I think it is!

Anyways back to what you're all here for - the little bites of what I've loving this month and all that jazz...

Sooo this is what life has been all about lately...

Focusing on - Getting the perfect monochrome summer wardrobe (Least I have my priorities right hey!)
Trying - I'm trying to keep a gym routine going and only eating at certain times of the day.
Obsessed with - I'm obsessed with salad at the moment, salad topped with the Pizza Express House Dressing. Yummy!
Been to - The seaside!
Craving - Nothing at present, makes a change...
Looking Forward to - I'm looking forward to lots of things at the moment - going to Stockholm is probably number 1 on my list (only 3 weeks away now eeek!). I'm also looking forward to going to my Aunties wedding this week and finally getting my hair done!
Dreaming About - Driving and getting my little office space sorted - next month hopefully both of these will be full swing in action.
Reflecting On - How I should start living in the moment and maybe not think about uploading something to Instagram in real time and just wait til afterwards. Sometimes I think we get caught up in this artificial world and whether it really all matters? I'll not babble on anymore though, maybe that's for another post!
Currently Wanting to - Go shopping and then grab a Boost Juice.
Reading - Nothing much to report this month guys, I'll be honest I haven't read much apart from other blogs.
Addicted to - Well again its got to be Orange Is The New Black as series 2 has just come out!

What have you been up to lately? Comment below I'd love to hear!

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