Thursday, 12 June 2014

Stockholm Travel Essentials

Stockholm Travel Essentials

Morning Everyone!

In just over 2 weeks I am jetting off to Stockholm for a short city break with my boyfriend and I cannot wait! As a way to get me in holiday mode and well to make me even more excited than I already I am - I thought I would put together a little travel essentials list. Now I know there are loads more items you need than just what I have put on the collage but these are my must haves!

1. Handbag - A good sturdy Mary-Poppins-esque bag will do just the trick. On city breaks you're bobbing around the city all day long and there is nothing worse than carrying tonnes of carrier bags about. You need a bag to put in all your essentials remember!

2. BB Cream - My flight is at 7:45am from Heathrow which means I will be travelling in the middle of the night to get to the Airport. Although I will be super excited for my little city break, at that hour of the day, wearing a heavy/fantastic coverage Foundation is not on the top of my list. BB Cream - a light glowing alternative however does seem very appealing. It promises to hide blemishes and imperfections and does the trick of a foundation and concealer but without the cakeyness = perfect for an overnight flight.

3. Trainers - On a city break in a place like Stockholm there are so many places to discover and explore, being on-foot for the majority of the day means you need a good pair of shoes. Heels is not an option for me unless its evening so I'm going to invest in a good old pair of Nikes before my mini break.

4. Scrunchies - Again, you'll be doing a lot of walking, a lot of lugging around suitcases and a lot of rushing around. With the air probably being windy, having pristine slick hair wouldn't be awfully advisable as it will just blow all over the shop. A good old scrunchie has many uses - you can wear it in the day, put it in a bun for bed or even use it as a bracelet - my boyfriend has a habit of pinching mine and doing this!

5 & 6. Headphones & Ipad -  I've combined 5 & 6 because they work together generally. My Ipad mini and a pair of headphones are must have for a flight. It means I can listen to my music, do a bit of blogging and just generally forget about the world for a little while.

7. Sunglasses - Regardless of whether it is hot or not sunnies are always on my list. They shield your eyes from the sun on hot days, they're your best friend on no make up and dress down days and they keep them pesky insects out of your way...what would we do without them ey?

8. Snacks - A supply of snacks is a must have, always. No matter where you are, sometimes you just get that feeling where you need food and you need it now. I chose Reeses mini's because well they're like little bites of heaven. I literally praise the person who founded Reeses, what a clever chap.

9. Camera - Travelling is all about exploring and capturing them once in a lifetime moments and having a camera is always pretty useful. I mean, the camera I will be using wont be as fancy as the one in my collage unfortunately but I will certainly be taking one.

What are your travel essentials and must haves? :) 

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