Monday, 23 June 2014

Lentil & Roasted Vegetable Soup Recipe

Hey lovelies! So I promised you all that I would start to do more recipe features on the blog and this is my first savory attempt, if you like.

Last week I took to Pinterest  for some inspiration on Soups that are not only healthy but also a suitable option for a Vegetarian and a Vegan. Now for me, this recipe proves that you don't need meat for something to taste good - there are plenty of other options and ways to make something taste yummy. After browsing for a while I took the common ingredients in soups I saw on Pinterest and mushed together my own little recipe and here it is:

2 Cup of Red Split Lentils
Coconut Oil
3-4 Sweet Potatoes
5 Cherry Plum Vine Tomatoes
3 Carrots ( Preferably the diddy ones that still have the green leaves intact)
Thyme (Fresh or Dried)
1 Onion
2 Cups of Vegetable Stock
1 tsp of Himalayan Salt
2 Asparagus's
A Drizzle of honey for your roast veg (not suitable for Vegans however and only optional!)

1. First of all you need to get a cup of the Red Split Lentils and measure out a cup full. Once you've done these sieve them under cold water to wash them and then add to your pan. Fill the pan up with water and pop the heat on for about 20/25 minutes.

2. Get a big baking tray and dollop 3/4 half tea spoons of Coconut Oil in a random fashion onto the tray.

3. Wash your Carrots & Sweet Potatoes and Peel if you wish. Cut off the green ends of the carrots, chop the vegetables into small chunks and chuck onto the tray. Make sure the tray is big enough to make sure the veg can all be cooked evenly. Cut in half your Vine Tomatoes and add these to the baking tray also. Cooking time for this is around  35 minutes.

4. After clearing up a bit and ensuring your work station is clear and all peelings are in the bin - you can now begin to chop up your Onion. Chop the Onion into tiny pieces and add to a pan with a small dollop of Coconut Oil, fry off until browned.

5. Next you will need to do your Vegetable stock. I used the 2 stock pots and added it to the 4 cups of water and then let the stock simmer for 5/10 mins. Once bubbling I added the stock to the Lentils. (At this point your Lentils should be almost running out of water but not burning - just simmering away nicely).

6. Once your Roasted Vegetables are well - Roasted! You can now add all the ingredients in a blender to whip up into a nice thick soup. This soup works best with a slice of fresh crusty seeded bread.

7. Enjoy!

*This recipe serves 4/5 people and is also very yummy the day after as well!*

If any of you guys try out this recipe I would love to hear your thoughts or if you have any other lovely Vegetarian/Vegan recipes, it would be amazing if you could share them with me :)

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