Friday, 20 June 2014

Family Time & A Week In Photos

June has been a big month for the whole family, it's been all about family time. I've celebrated 2 birthdays, fathers day and a wedding! Although my diet and gym regime has gone completely out the window, I am prepared to sacrifice my figure for a few weeks I guess! When you're going out for meals and you're surrounded by a huge buffet - you're just fighting a losing battle really.

Anyway, I don't normally talk too much about my family but feel this month has just been a special one and makes you sooo appreciate everyone you're surrounded by. Through the tough times in life you always have family. You say they can't choose your family but every single time I would choose mine if I was given the choice. Family is everything to me and being part of such a big Kardashian clan style group is the best thing ever.

Although all of us are all going our own direction in life, we've all got each others backs and support each others life decisions. We're all doing our own little thing our own little way and pathing our way in life with the same hope of the same outcome = happiness. We all want happiness and more importantly the happiness of those close knit people in our family unit.

I have loved spending time with my family and us all being brought together - we can't always all make it to every event because obviously life gets in the way sometimes but when we do all get together it is just the best and adding extended additions to our family is just amazing! I know I don't normally post things like this but sometimes its just nice to sit back and appreciate the people you're surrounded by. I always try to make time for my family because no matter what, no matter how many petty little arguments you have or whether they annoy you - you always know you'll be there for one another and have a sister or brother for life that also happens to be your best friend. Knowing you can be truly yourself around these people in your life and not having to pretend to be someone else to reach someones expectations is just the best. No family is perfect, everyone has their faults and yeah we're maybe a little dysfunctional at times but at the end of the day none of that matters when you have unconditional love for these wonderful people you're surrounded by and that is something I am so thankful for.

What are you thankful for? What does your family mean to you?

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