Thursday, 17 April 2014

Soap & Glory Haul

As with the majority of beauty fanatics in the UK - I am soooo obsessed with Soap & Glory and have been for years, every Christmas without fail my lovely nanny seems to buy me a huge hamper of Soap & Glory products that tend to keep me going a while and then it's up to me to keep topping up on my fave items!

Some of the products I have well and truly fallen for are:
Sugar Crush Body Wash £6.50
Sugar Crush Body Scrub £8
Orangegasm Body Wash £6.50
Hand Food £5
The Righteous Butter £10.50
Peaches & Clean 3 in 1 Face Wash £8
Butter Yourself Moisture Lotion £10

I use all of the products every day without fail - perhaps with the exception of the Sugar Crush Body Scrub as you don't need to exfoliate every single day. Also, I tend to mix and swap about with the Sugar Crush and Orangegasm Body Wash depending on my  mood. One thing is certain about all the S&G range is the fact they all smell beyond amazing and really do make you feel scrubbed up and squeaky clean. I believe their products do the world of good for my body and I couldn't be without them now.

I think another reason I am drawn towards Soap & Glory is 1 - because the packaging is so pretty and girly and maybe a little bit gimicky and 2 - because they're against testing on animals!

Now I know everyone has a different idea of how much they're willing to pay for something and at first Soap & Glory might scream 'little bit expensive' but they're sooo worth that little bit extra, they last ages and they smell out of this world. Also, they may seem expensive but remember your getting probably 3x times as much product as you would do with standard body washes etc in Wilkos and Boots. PLUS they're normally all on offer on 3 for 2 and you get your Boots Advantage Points as well so everyone is a winner!

I am obsessed with hand food and have it at my desk so I can moisturize my hands throughout the day at work as it is something I struggle with. I use the Peaches & Clean face wash daily and then moisturize with either the Butter Yourself Lotion or Righteous Butter depending on how much TLC my skin needs. The Righteous Butter is a lot thicker than Butter Yourself - I tend to use that if my body is in need of deep moisturizing but if my skin is fine I just use Butter Yourself to maintain that lovely softness - you're supposed to use it when you've just got out of the bath or shower when your skin is still a little damp and oh my it works treat.


  1. I love soap and glory products, need to go on a haul myself!!

  2. I LOVE your blog Taylor! Might just be one of my new faves :) xx


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