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Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation Review


One product I'm always swapping about with in my make up routine is definitely - Foundation. I mean I will stick to one product for a while and be a loyal buyer of it - that is until I find another 'holy grail' one. For example I always always used to wear MAC Studio Fix, then I moved onto YSL Touche Elcait Foundation & then I decided to try the Estee Lauder Double Wear.

All of these Foundations I have used is because they have all had fantastic reviews from bloggers and Youtubers and The overall verdict? - all three of them foundations are brilliant but all very different.

Now Double Wear is a very thick foundation so you only need a little bit to cover the whole of your face. I would say it it definitely a medium to heavy coverage. The good thing about this foundation is that it is build-able so if you have patchy areas you can just pop some more foundation on them problem areas and make it lighter on the areas you want to enhance. I am pleased to say this foundation is a stayer, it doesn't move! With my YSL one it was brilliant because it was so light on your skin and you felt as though you weren't wearing much make up BUT I did have to use my MAC Fix+ Setting Spray to keep it in place. However, with the Double Wear I haven't felt the need to put any spray on because it just stays where it is. The only time I would is if I'm off on a night out but that's because you want your make up to look perfect and you tend to wear your make up heavier on a night out.

I got colour tested upon purchasing this product and she said my perfect match was 1CO Shell so that's what I went for, which from what I can gather is one of their palest shades as surprisingly I pretty much resemble Casper the friendly ghost - sigh. They do this foundation in a large variety of shades so there is something for everyone. 

Just to let y'all know - my skin is very pale with pinky undertones and I do get the occasional breakouts. My skin is either really clear or really horrid, no in between but this foundation works through all my 'phases'.


I also didn't realise until writing up this post that the foundation is an SPF 10 which is also a bonus as it is kind to your skin on sunny days!  

The only problem I have with double wear is that the bottle doesn't have a nozzle so you have to pour it onto your Foundation brush which isn't ideal and it comes out very quick so be careful not too pour out too much product that is my only advice!

All in all a fantastic foundation that I would totally recommend - a little pricey (£28.50) but I would say it is worth it. Well done Estee Lauder Double it's a 9/10 for you!

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  1. I really want to try this foundation! I need a new night time foundation and from what I've read this sounds like it would be perfect

    Lauren |


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