Wednesday, 16 April 2014

My Weekend

Hello my lovelies, so this weekend has been a very lazy one, possibly lazier than I actually dare to admit!
On Friday night, me and Kyle went on a trip to Asda to fetch some goodies and he very kindly treated me to the Frozen DVD which I was over the moon about (regardless of the fact I fell asleep half way through as usual...). He also went to get a Ben & Jerries tub but I refused to have any unless it was Peanut Butter Me Up! The look on my face when I got home and saw that was the flavour he had bought was a picture. Treat night just got 10x better! 

In the morning when we woke up, Kyle suggested going to Frankies & Benny's for breakfast. We've been there loads of times before but never for breakfast - which is something we've always wanted to do. After eating a ridiculous amount of ice cream last night however, I was feeling guilty and food was the last thing on my mind! Once I had got up showered, dressed and ready though I soon gave into off to Frankies and Benny's we went! I went for the Pancake Stack served with Bacon & Maple Syrup & oh my, words cannot express how good it was. Kyle went for the Eggs Benedict which looked truly delicious, we both went for a standard English Tea to drink. 

On the Sunday morning we went for a family Costa outing with my mum, nanny and sister - because my sister was back home for the weekend, which in itself is a huge rarity so it was absolutely lovely to have a natter over some coffee! Afterwards, myself, Kyle and Paris (my sister) decided to wander along to the Mayflower Sanctuary in Bawtry to visit all the little puppies that don't have a forever home. It's really sad but the environment the dogs are in is fantastic. I'm not allowed my own dog so every month me and Kyle go over and take lots of doggy treats and spend some time with them. My sister had never been before so we decided to bring her along to see the lovely little puppy dogs! 

Oh and also as you can see in the picture below I opted for a golden dust on my eyes. I also tried contouring which I will get write a post about in the next couple of weeks so keep on the look out!!

The whole of Sunday afternoon consisted of baking - my favorite! Now I've been on a healthy eating hype but have had a very naughty treat weekend this weekend. However, to curb future cravings I thought I would give this 'healthy' baking malarkey a try. I decided to go for a (healthier) alternative to Reese Peanut Butter Cups, Banana Loaf & Banana Frozen Yogurt so that I am armed with rations available in case my naughty ego decides to fancy something sweet without feeling too guilty afterwards. 

In the evening me and Kyle decided to pop over to see my dad's little spaniel - Biscuit (my favorite little prince!). My dad has gone to Wembley for the afternoon to watch the cup game so we thought we'd pinch Biscuit for a while and take him for an evening stroll. It's always a pleasure looking after him as he really is so gorgeous with his lovely glossy coat and his boundless amounts of energy. 
Well after reading through this post I've just realized I managed to squeeze rather a lot into one weekend but that's the way I like it :) busy busy busy. 


  1. That is an awful lot to cram into one weekend (and how adorable is Biscuit?!).

    1. I know! I thought I'd had a really lazy weekend until I had written it all down haha! I know he's lovely I love him so much! - whats your blog link? :) x


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