Tuesday, 7 January 2014

My Internship at Heat Magazine

Evening to my lovely readers!

I've been so busy the past couple of months that I never got chance to tell you about what I did in November...that's right I bagged my self a short internship at Heat Mag! Having worked at Closer earlier in the year, I must say I did find my experience this time round A LOT less daunting. The thing is Closer and Heat are literally next door to one another, on the same floor and in the same building. Since I was pretty used to the building and people there...I wasn't as nervous. In fact, I was more excited than anything.

It was a lot of fun! As most of you probably know - I absolutely love the buzz of visiting big cities and what better city to visit than London?!

So I should probably start telling you what I actually got up to whilst I was 'daaan saaaf' rather than babbling, here it goes...

On my first day , it involved getting up at 5:30am and leaving the house by 6:20am (a traumatic experience for me to say the least). Next thing was to avoid dosing off at the train station and make it to Kings Cross in one piece - again a troublesome experience. Once I got to Kings Cross I had to take the tube to Covent Gardens and then simply take a short walk to Heat Towers.

Once I arrived in reception, I just had to wait for the editorial assistant to come and fetch me - she shortly appeared and called out my name. I was pleasantly surprised when 3 other interns' names were called also. Maria (the editorial assistant) gave us a brief tour of the old building and then led us to our desk. We all got our own desks which was pretty good!

This time round I chose to do Editorial rather than Fashion - and in all honesty, I actually enjoyed the Editorial side more as it involved more writing rather than being locked in the Fashion Cupboard. I don't mind the Fashion Cupboard but writing is definitely where my true passion lies.

Throughout the week I...

  • Was introduced to various members of staff 
  • I wrote a whole lotta web content
  • Briefly bumped into Holly from Geordie Shore
  • Did an online Twitter chat with some X Factor Contestants
  • Went to visit the girls on the Closer Fashion Desk and helped them out with some fashion samples
  • Put together some goody bags and sent out subscription issues to the lovely ladies at Mother & Baby Mag
  • Got given some lovely books on the last day as a thank you for my efforts
AND I got the chance to sit in the Coco-Cola truck! 

All in all it was an amazzzing experience - Heat yet again confirmed to me that I do want to work in the magazine/fashion/publishing industry when I'm a little bit older. 

Have you interned at any magazines or PR companies recently? If so, comment below -  I would love to hear all about it :) 


  1. Sounds amazing - I really want to get work experience / an internship, I'm sending off e-mails at the minute!

  2. OMG sooooo amazing, well done too, xoxo.

  3. Great sounds!)))Would you like to follow each other? Just let me know in my blog. xoxo

  4. This sounds amazing, it makes me so excited to apply for some! I'm applying for a editorial placement at heat now but I'm unsure about who to address my cover letter too. Would you please be able to help me?
    Thanks xx

    1. Hi Becky,

      Sorry I've only just seen this comment. The best person to address your cover letter to is the editorial assistant Maria Vallahis, she organises all the work experience in the editorial department. Good luck! :) xx


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