Monday, 27 January 2014

City Glam*

city shimmer glam

I don't where my obsession for luxury brands was born - it may have been early December time when I was Christmas shopping for the gifts. I was surrounded by the hand crafted structured leathers and glimmering jewellery, whilst getting lost in Fenwicks. In places like that where you're surrounded by gorgeous items,  it's almost impossible to resist.

Maybe my love for YSL, Tom Ford, Celine & Chanel  sprouted from scrolling endless on my Instagram news feed - we all follow those dolls that live and breath designer garments. You'll have come across those insta posts that just purely consist of someones lipstick collections or what they've bought on their shopping trip to Harrods.

Now obviously these brands are all great but not all of us are fortunate enough to afford the extortionate price tag that goes along with them. So think of the collage above as your inspo. Don't try and kid yourself into thinking you can afford to dress head to toe in Burberry but don't try and knock yourself neither. Luxury brands are aspirational, they're technically what we aspire to be able to dress like and are not necessarily realistic.

I've managed to team some key hight street pieces & boutique style jewellery in the mix to accompany the luxury brands. The slouch vest is Topshop; the statement jewel encrusted necklace and dagger anchor earrings are both from Love Thy Accessory - an upcoming urban online jewellery and fashion accessories boutique based in the cool city of London. These high street essentials blend in perfectly with YSL and you wouldn't even know the difference.

What I'm getting at is - you can fool others into thinking you're wearing Chanel when really it could be a steal of a bargain. So long as you team your outfits accordingly so they look tasteful, people will believe that is what you are.

Don't be afraid to mix designer and high street is the moral of the story ladies - trick passers-by by drowning yourself in YSL Manifesto perfume and wearing a good quality volupte lipstick on your smackers and it'll be a winner - promise!

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