Tuesday, 22 January 2013

January Haul/Wanelo

Being the MAC obsessive that I am, I was more than impressed when my sister bought me this MAC Bronzer ( shade - Golden). Before receiving this I had been getting by on some bronzer I had owned for years on end, so this felt like a god send and I was extremely grateful. I'd definitely recommend this product as it really is worth it and gives your cheeks great definition. It works especially well, when used with the MAC Mineral Brush (as shown in the top right) - which is also another gift I received and now entirely depend on. 
If any of you know me, you will know that I have been slumming it with an awful scruffy purse for quite some time now and this weekend I just thought, you know - enough is enough. Time for a new addition. Therefore I popped into River Island and picked up this little beauty. At 10 swarzee (pounds) I cannot complain. Its pretty and it does the job. Again, if my previous posts are anything to go by, you will know that I have been desperate to get my hands on some spiked Jeffrey Cambells. Unfortunately these aren't the real thing *sigh* poor people problems, I know. However this almost exact replicate are good enough for me. 

I recently came across this new social networking platform for all you other fashionistas out there. Its amazing! I'm addicted already. Its an app called 'Wanelo'. God only knows how you pronounce it, but anyway you should seriously download it. The stream of products are available to buy at just one click and you can get some lovely unique stuff on here and some great quirky gifts! Follow me :-) - @larzxo

I was more than delighted when my friend bought me these for my birthday. I'm already a big fan of the pink and blue bottles - but honestly this Jelly Belly Very Cherry drink is something else. It tastes amazzzzzzzing. 

This is one of the presents that my boyfriend bought me from Eric Vintage in Newcastle. Obviously 'BEST' is my new favourite brand. There is also a shop in Leeds! I love love love it.


  1. The purse and shoes are amazing!

  2. I love your haul. And this shoes are so amazing!

    Have a nice day!


  3. Aww thanks! The shoes were a bargain - they were only £40 from Garage x


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