Thursday, 29 November 2012

Enchanted, unicorns, sequins and festivities!!

Is it just me or are Unicorns everywhere recently?! Although most days I look like a gothic/grunge queen there is definitely a pastel princess lurking somewhere within. I am in love with this enchanted Unicorn trend; it's full of girlyness and sparkle. The rainbow colours excite me so much and just make me feel really happy. I am totally going to invest in the powder blue Unicorn Jumper from Urban Outfitters. I mean how can you possibly resist it? It would be the cutest asset to any girls wardrobe. As for the little enchanted bandage tin, I would just have to purchase for its adorability factor; although ill admit £7 is a little steep purely for bandages. However I'm sure I would find some way to justify the price. Also, i intend on having this my little pony cake for my 18th. It literally has my name on it. It's meant to be I guess.

Just thought I'd add a quick selfie as well! Thought i'd opt for my treasured leather jacket today!!! Oh and give a warm welcome to our first festive and wonderful family addition (the Santa Clause in my front window.)


  1. Oh I definitely have a thing for unicorns and anything magic themed <3 makes a change from the grungy autumn trend that pretty much took over my life! Love your blog, hope you can check out mine!
    Have a great day x x x

  2. Same, I always opt for the grungey stuff, however this is completely opposite yet i still love it :-)

    Thanks, yeah course i will! xx


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