Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Shop shop shopping Kanye and Coffee

Been a pretty standard but enjoyable day today. Normally I absolutely despise Tuesdays due to me having a full day at sixth form which is both monotonous and dull. Usually by the end of the day I find me dragging myself home feeling really drained and mind boggled. I really cannot hack education.

Rant over. However, today me and my friend Amy took a leisurely trip to Meadowhall in Sheffield to acquire my best friends birthday present. Luckily enough we had a successful trip, as well as the opportunity to daze at the beautiful sparkly Christmas lights in admiration. We also took a quick detour to Starbucks; in which we managed to people watch, discuss society and our views on narrow minded people and also talk in depth about our sexuality. All in all, a brilliant day. I also managed to get myself a right bargain - a Kanye West t-shirt (I love Kanye!) . I'm now home and ready to watch the highlight of the week: Geordie Shore, lovely.

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