Tuesday, 30 May 2017

The Perfect Protein Pancakes

Okay so the title of this post is somewhat debatable and I'm sure there some other pancakes out there that are game changers but for me, I have found the perfect recipe for protein pancakes. These take 5 mins! They have the appearance and texture of them amazing american fluffy looking pancakes we all love, they taste pretty good and can be made to taste even better depending on what toppings you like or how naughty you want to be!

So for the pancakes you'll need:
1 Scoop MyProtein Gluten Free Instant Oats (Or you can blend your own oats to make oat flour)

1 Scoop My Protein Powder (I used Chocolate Caramel but to be honest you can use any flavour you like really. I didn't find the flavouring added much to the flavour anyway!)

1 Egg

A tiny bit of Oat Milk (or any milk alternative)

Blend all of these and add milk to make the mixture more a liquid formula but quite a thick consistency.

Put some Fry light (coconut one is my preference) or any type of oil in a flat pan and let it heat.

Add in the pancake mixture. I find this makes 3 good size pancakes.

Now I usually add in fresh blueberries to the pancakes as soon as I put the mixture in the pan. However if you want to make this a bit of a cheat meal you could always add in some Chocolate chips or something. I haven't tried that yet but I'm sure it work out a treat!
I topped the pancakes with fresh blueberries, chopped banana, a drizzle of agave syrup and a dusting of cinnamon.

I find these pancakes really satisfy my sweet tooth!

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