Wednesday, 19 August 2015

If You Had To Pick One...

Morning guys so, just lately I have seen a few post's floating around the internet about 'if you had to pick one' go-to product/brand to use and I thought I'd give it a go...

Makeup brand to use…If you had asked me this question a year or so ago I would have most definitely said Benefit, however I can now comfortably say that my go-to brand these days is without a doubt, Charlotte Tilbury. I just think she gets it spot on. The products are of fantastic quality and nothing like I've seen from any other brand. The packaging is beautiful and I always feel super luxurious wearing her products. I reckon I could put together a pretty good make up look if you threw all her products at me. 
Mascara to wear…It's got the be the Benefit Roller Lash. This is probably the first mascara I have got on with properly. In the past I have flitted from one Mascara to another because I could never find the perfect one. The Roller Lash however does exactly what I need it to without causing too much smudging - a problem I face due to having spider lashes!
Skincare item to use…So I have dabbled in Skin care but so far haven't found any products I would consider to have 'holygrail' status. For me, a product that I find really soothes my blemish prone skin is the Lush face masks, they work wonders and really do keep spots at bay. One Face Mask that I would highly recommend is Cupcake however I am currently trying out Cosmetic Warrior, which although it doesn't smell particularly appealing as it contains tea tree oil and garlic. These ingredients supposedly help to prevent spots but I will be sure to let you know the verdict! I also swear by the Nivea Soft Refreshing Moisturizing Cream. This product cost's like £1.50 and so far has performed better than any of the moisturizers I've used in the best including. 
Highstreet store to shop from…I have to admit I go through phases. At the moment I'm loving Topshop and have been buying pretty much all my clothes from there the past 5-6 months. However I do love Zara & River Island.  Zara is a bit hit and miss, as is H & M. Sometimes I will go into their stores and want everything and other times it looks like a jumble sale.
Makeup brush brand…It's got to be Real Techniques hasn't it! I think the RT brushes are very fairly priced but also fantastic quality. They do the job efficiently, as many other beauty fanatics around the world, I'm sure will agree. I do agree in that you get what you pay for especially when it comes to brushes but I'm not one for spending £40 on a make up brush! However it seems I'm perfectly happy to spend £40 on a quad eye-shadow palette, oops!
Lipstick to wear every day…So I don't wear Lipstick on a daily basis, in fact I only really wear it on weekends to be honest. My go-to every day Lip product is for sure the Clarins Instant Lip Perfector, it adds a beauty pearly flush across the Lips without the sticky tacky effect of a Lipgloss. 
Eyeshadow palette…It's only the 6 months or so that I have started to actually use Eyeshadows, I can't believe I went all this time not wearing it, I wouldn't be without it now! I have to say it's got to be the Charlotte Tilbury Dolce Vita Palette. This Palette is that one product can just make you feel so much better about yourself. Although there are only 4 shades in the pan you can create  looks to take you from Day to Night which I think is great!
Haircare brand to buy from…Anyone who knows me will know that hair isn't really my area of expertise so it's pretty straight forward for me, my favourite brand at the moment is Garnier - their Coconut Oil collection of Shampoo's, Conditioners and Hair Oil are my go to products at the moment. However I do really rate BedHead & Aussie as well!

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