Wednesday, 15 April 2015

What Lara Did #2: Running

Good morning guys!

So I posted my first installment to this pretty inconsistent series a while back now - all about Juicing! (Read here). I thought it was about time I did another. You may or may not know, but a while back my dad and I signed up to a 5km race. Now I'm sure some of you fitness fanatics are thinking that's nothing but to me it's a pretty big deal. I'll input some context to the situation; I'm no stranger to running. I used to do athletics all throughout my childhood and was most interested in middle distance running so it is something I have my fair share of experience in. I used to also participate in the school cross countries, I even got through to the English School finals once but never ended up attending (something I really regret now).

Anyways, I did Athletics until  I was about 15 and then  I stopped due to a persistent injury in my knee. Still now I don't entirely know whats up with my knee and I've given up going to physio. However, running is something I always used to enjoy and it's only since I've stopped being good at it it seemed sort of a chore. My dad also was quite the athlete back in the day and so we thought it would make sense to take up a hobby together and hopefully get fitter along the way. We've been doing a mixture of training on our own and together. The 5KM run is on 19th April in Liverpool. As I mentioned, the run is mainly for fitness and hobby purposes however we are raising money for those who lost their lives at the Hillsborough 96 as well, so if anyone would like to donate it would be very very much appreciated and it is for a great cause. You can donate HERE.

I'll be sure to update you of how my run goes, my training has been going well so hopefully it will be a success. After this we're looking at signing up to The Color Run which looks so fun!

Have you signed yourself up to any races this year?

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