Monday, 30 March 2015

The Dublin Make Up Haul

Morning guys, so although it wasn't my original intention to go on a bit of a shopping spree whilst in Dublin, it just kind of happened. Well actually, me discovering the wonders of Brown Thomas is actually what happened. Brown Thomas is Ireland's equivelent to Selfridges and Harvey Nics. It's all super expensive but all so glamorous and mesmerizing.

This isn't a huge haul and it is a combination of products I picked up whilst in Dublin and in Duty Free etc.

So I thought we'd start with the product I am most excited about - the Clinique Chubby Stick Sculpting Contour. Ever since this product was released I have adding it to my bag online then closing the window by the time I get to check out. Like most ladies who have a love for make up, I'm a massive advocate to Contouring. Any product that claims to define my face more and make me look ever so slightly like Kim Kardashian - I'm there. This is actually my first ever 'Chubby Stick', so perhaps this could be the start of a soon to expand collection. If you've ever watched those Youtube tutorials and been left scratching you head as to how easily the MUA's seem to 'map' out the face with such clean lines- this product is the answer. You can literally draw on your face with this product and with precision. Using the Chubby Stick I put the product down the hollows of my cheeks, either side of my nose and on the end of my nose, a touch across the jaw line and a little on the not much then?! This product is for days when you want a pretty heavy make up look, one for evenings out I'd say. I would definitely recommend this product. It seems to make the whole idea of contouring so much easier, especially since the concept seems to baffle a lot of people. I am now on a mission to get the Highlighter Chubby Stick as well!

The Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Lip Protectant was a bit of an impulse buy in Duty Free, it was in one of them baskets on the way to the till and I just couldn't resist. It was only 7 euros as well which I thought seemed a very cheap and reasonable price, especially for an Elizabethan Arden product. This was actually my first Elizabeth Arden purchase and I am really pleased with it. I've heard many Youtubers and Bloggers swear by this product. If my lips are in need of an urgent rescue this is my new go-to product. It's pretty heavy duty but is so hydrating on the lips!

I was always a massive fan of the Topshop Beguiled Lipstick, it was my most reached for Berry shade at one point. It still would be if  I hadn't of accidentally lost it, ooops! This time I decided to go for a similar shade  - Depth accompanied with the Lip Liner in Partition - I  couldn't find this one on the website sorry. One thing I had made a mental note of  about Topshop lipsticks in the past is that although they have a fantastic selection of shades, they do have a tendency to go a little patchy therefore I thought if I lined my lips before applying the Lipstick is would make the final look a lot more smoother and flawless - my instincts were correct, it did! This duo is my new go-to look for an evening.

Last but certainly not least, the Charlotte Tilbury Wonder Glow. Now this was a pretty spontaneous purchase. Whilst perusing the halls of Brown Thomas I let out a little squeak of excitement when I noticed that they had a Charlotte Tilbury counter. I spent around half an hour pacing up and down the counter, determined to buy something but unsure what to buy, simply because I wanted everything. I was then approached by one of the Beauty Advisors who showed me a swatch of the Wonder Glow and I'll be honest it looked insanely beautiful. The Wonder Glow is a quick miracle fix for dull, dehydrated and tired skin. It transforms the skin so it looks healthy, glowing, luminous and effervescent. Charlotte claims this product to be one of her seven wonders for the skin. It's no secret that this product is a much loved skin secret for the celebrities neither. I love this product, it definitely does what it say's on the tin. I mean, I wouldn't say it completely transforms my skin because well, my skin isn't going anywhere anytime soon but it does make it look so much more healthy and glowing. You can use wonder glow either on its own, combined with Foundation or over the top of Foundation. It's best used with the Charlotte Tilbury Foundation  I imagine but at an already hefty price of £38.50 I didn't want to part with any money that day! I find it works a dream with my YSL Touche Eclat Foundation!

What new make up products have you picked up this month??


  1. I wish I could buy the Clinique chubby stick to try it out. Maybe when I'm in the UK in the summer :) x

    My March favourites are here!
    Love, Charline | Charline Has a Blog

  2. I've heard so many people say how good the Clinique Chubby Sticks are but there's so many dupes out there, it's hard to know which chubby sticks are the best ones!


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